The Bossier Parish Community College & Northwestern State University Title III Cooperative Project is funded under Title III, Part A of the Higher Education Act. The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, provides guidance and monitoring of the Projectís performance. The BPCC/NSU Title III Cooperative Project is a five year grant, which extends from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2014. BPCC Science, Allied Health, and Nursing Division and the NSU College of Nursing and Allied Health will serve as collaborative partners throughout the grant period.

The Project has two objectives:

  1. To increase student retention and transfer rates by improving academic instruction in common gateway barrier courses in the Science, Allied Health, and Nursing Programs. Common gateway barrier courses have been identified as Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physiology.
  2. To develop joint BPCC and NSU student success programs that increase student retention and graduation rates in Science, Allied Health and Nursing Programs.

Support for Students:

The BPCC/NSU Title III Cooperative Project staff assists science, allied health, and nursing students through several activities, which include

  • Talk with students about their academic and career plans
  • Provide science tutors in the learning centers
  • Secure extra study tools, such as anatomical models, for science classes and the learning centers
  • Assist students in locating campus resources
  • Share interactive, computer-based study tools to help students in anatomy, chemistry and physiology

Helpful links related to science, allied health, and/or nursing:

Science Modules:

BPCC and NSU faculty collaboratively developed science web-based resources, known as modules, that help students better understand difficult science concepts and their application in health care settings.

Anatomy Modules:

Physiology Modules:

Chemistry Modules:

Support for Faculty:

  • The BPCC/NSU Title III Cooperative Project support science faculty by providing professional development and additional teaching aids.
  • Professional Development: Science faculty attend professional conferences and share content with peer colleagues upon return to the campuses.
  • Instructional Aids for Teaching Barrier Concepts: The Project secures resources for the learning centers and classroom that will help students better understand difficult concepts.

Staff/Contact Information:

Lisa Wheeler
Director, Institutional Research and Grants

Whitney House
NSU Student Success Coordinator

At NSU, Debbie Moore, Director of Student Services (moored@nsula.edu), serves as the NSU Title III Campus Director.

At BPCC, Carolyn Burroughs, Dean of Science, Nursing, and Allied Health (cburroughs@bpcc.edu), serves as the BPCC Title III Campus Director.

In accordance with Public Law 110-487, the BPCC/NSU Title III Cooperative Project notes that:

  • 96% ($1,996,369) of the total costs of the Title III project shall be financed with Federal money and
  • 4% ($92,296) of the total costs of the project shall be financed by non-federal sources.