Annual Drive/Family Campaign

Because of your generosity and that of other community partners, the BPCC Foundation disbursed a record 117 scholarships and awards totalling over $93,000 to deserving students last year. THANK YOU!

Why Give to the BPCC Foundation?

  • To provide scholarship opportunities to all BPCC Students
  • To provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • To provide support for under-funded and non-funded school projects
  • To enable BPCC to offer valuable community support to help grow and stabilize our economy
  • keep changing lives for our citizens!

Support BPCC! BPCC Campaign, “Building Success Together” Now Underway

Arthur TrevisonBecause of the generosity of community partners, loyal alumni and friends like you, BPCC Foundation has disbursed millions of dollars to help keep Bossier Parish Community College growing strong and responsive to the needs of our community. Part of that record of service excellence includes granting access through scholarships to students that they may reach their potential and lead productive, successful lives – students like Arthur Trevison, 2014 Annie Lowe Stiles Energy Scholarship Recipient.

After high school, my family decided it was best for me to live near the school, instead of commuting every day. My parents have the financial challenge of helping me and my younger sibling attend college. To help meet that challenge, I chose to work the entire time I attended school. The responsibility of college and housing expenses has proven to be quite difficult at times. The Annie Lowe Stiles Energy Award has allowed me to concentrate more on my studies instead of focusing on the financial challenges. Thanks to the scholarship, I have been able to complete my curriculum in a timely manner and will be graduating this December.

Pledge Form

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