Bossier Parish Community College has created a master syllabus for each course offered at the College. The master syllabus for each course contains pertinent information including the course prerequisites, a course description, student learning outcomes, course requirements, and the course grading scale. When a student enrolls in a course, the student will receive a section information sheet outlining the specific section information requirements.

Click the Academic Area or Course Prefix below to view a list of courses in that department.

Dept. or Academic Area Prefix | Dept. or Academic Area Prefix
Accounting ACCT | Legal Assistant LSEC
Advanced Manufacturing AMFG | Mathematics MATH
Allied Health ALHT | Medical Office Specialist MOS
Anthropology ANTH | Military Science MILS
Art ART | Music MUSC
Biology BLGY | Nursing NURS
Business Administration BADM | Occupational Therapy Assistant OCTA
Care and Development of Young Children CDYC | Oil and Gas Production Technology OGPT
Chemistry CHEM | Pharmacy Technician PHAR
Communication Media COMM | Physical Science PHSC
Computer Information Systems CIS | Physical Therapist Assistant Program PTAP
Construction CONS | Physics PHYS
Corrections CORR | Political Science POSC
Criminal Justice CJUS | Prenursing PNUR
Culinary Arts CULA | Psychology PSYC
Cyber Information Technology CIT | Reading READ
Education EDUC | Religion RLGN
Emergency Medical Technician: Paramedic EMTP | Respiratory Therapy RSTH
Engineering ENGR   Retail Management RMGT
English ENGL | Science SCI
French FREN | Service Learning/Interdisciplinary Studies SLIS
Geography GPHY | Sociology SLGY
Health and Physical Education HLPE | Spanish SPAN
Health Care Management HCM | Speech SPCH
History HIST | Surgical Technology STEC
Humanities HMAN | Teaching and Learning TEAC
Industrial Safety ISAF | Technical Education TEED
Interpreting INTR | Theatre THTR
Journalism JRNL | Varsity Athletics VTAH
Leadership LEAD | Welding WELD