BPCC VA Enrollment Form

The VA Enrollment Form, also known as the “Blue Form” is an in house form that is used to track students using GI Bill® benefits. When a student enrolls in classes at BPCC and is using any type of GI Bill® benefit, they are required to bring this form to the academic advisor within their program of study and complete the form. The form should list only the courses they are taking for that particular semester and only the courses that fit within their degree of study. Once the form is completed, please return it to the Division of Innovative Learning in Building A-138.


The VA does not pay for coursework that does meet the requirements of the degree sought.

Also, the VA does not pay for developmental classes that are taken online and will not allow them to be certified as part of the student’s schedule of classes. However, all developmental classes taught on the physical campus are able to be certified as part of the student schedule.

BPCC VA Education Enrollment Form (Blue Form) PDF File

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