Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology Academic Programs:

  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Associate of Science
    • Associate of Science in Engineering - Provides the graduate with a knowledge of cutting edge technology, enabling graduates to design and build solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Certificate of Technical Studies
  • Technical Competency Area
    • Technical Competency Area in Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics - Provides an introduction to the automation, manufacturing and process technology. Students completing the Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics TCA will obtain technical skills necessary for qualified entrance for introductory careers and the Louisiana States Certification for Manufacturing (C4M).
    • Technical Competency Area in the Industrial TechnologyTechnology program - Produces skilled employees for the manufacturing industries. Skills taught have been derived from typical business requirements for existing manufacturing employees and those entering the workforce.
    • Technical Competency Area in Advanced Welding The Advanced Welding TCA is a 12 credit hour, one semester curriculum based on the American Welding Society’s curriculum for Certified Welding Supervisors and Certified Welding Instructors. Students will have an option to complete the TCA with designated courses from either Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics or Oil and Gas Production Technology. This certification program will train welders in advanced subjects to include: new welding technology, supervision and management, inspection, testing, and economics of welding and welding materials.

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