Computer Technology

Computer Technology Academic Programs:

  • Associate of Applied Science
    • AAS Computer Information Systems - Provides the graduate with the knowledge and applied technical skills needed to enter computer-related occupations in the business/industry job market.
    • AAS Cyber Technology with a concentration in Network Security - Provides students with the skills needed to manage an organization's network security needs. The program prepares individuals to function as entry level network security specialist, and includes instruction on technologies to keep network assets secure, conducting forensic analyses, encryption techniques, and organizational security management.
    • AAS Cyber Technology with a concentration in Programmer Analyst - Focuses on programming techniques for software applications. The program prepares individuals to function as entry level programs in a team environment, and includes instruction in a variety of programming languages on programming logic, writing and executing code to create and troubleshoot software applications, data structures and computer architecture.
  • Certificate of Technical Studies
  • Technical Competency Area
    • TCA Cisco Certified Network Associate - Provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pass both the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) and the Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) certifications. These certifications show competence in students to manage and maintain medium and enterprise-level network infrastructure and to properly secure them. This is a vendor-specific TCA aimed at Cisco routers and switches.
    • TCA Software Applications - A job-skills-specific program in the area of commonly used business software applications for students who do not need or wish to complete a two-year curriculum, but who are required to demonstrate proof of knowledge and skills necessary to meet the basic computer needs of the business community.
    • TCA Web Design - A well-rounded selection of courses balanced between general orientation to business/industry and applied technical skills. Students completing the Web Design TCA will obtain technical skills necessary for qualified entrance into Web Design and maintenance-related careers.

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