BPCC Talent Show


2009 Winners

Date and Location

November 7, 2009 / 6:30 p.m. / Performing Arts Theatre (Building C)

Line-up and Winners

1. Shoot the Kid   Band
2. Broadway   Vocal
3. Weston Weaver   Human Video
4. Benjamin Jamison   Piano
5. Valarie Upchurch   Vocal
6. Melissa Welch   Vocal
7. G-5 Click   Vocal
8. Christopher Tamaccio 5th Piano
9. White Trash Family   Band
10. DJ Hard   Vocal
11. Da Brassy and Sassy Trensedas   Dance
12. William Burnside   Piano
13. Richard Crayton and Draeon King   Vocal
14. Jordan Mitchell   Dance
15. Victoria Barnhill 2nd Vocal
16. Logan Cammack 4th Guitar/Vocal
17. Toya Heath   Dance
18. Heather Banks   Vocal
19. Devon Iles, Bryant Bowing, and Haleigh Martin   Cheer Stunt
20. Chonte’ Walker 1st Vocal
21. Science of the Sea 3rd Band


Mandy Betka
Crystal Cooper
Ryal Siem