Request for PR Items

The PR Office has tablecloths, skirting, and retractable banners available for campus events. Please give two weeks' notice to ensure that the items are available. A PR staff member will contact you to let you know what is available and what is not for the requested time.

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Please remember to return the tablecloths in the condition you received. If the tablecloth is dirty, please let PR staff know.

BPCC tablecloths are expensive to replace and must NOT be used with food OR drinks. Please return BPCC tablecloths folded as received and not wadded up.

Items Needed Quantity
BPCC Tablecloth: Max: 3
Black Plain Long Tablecloth:
Max: 10
Maroon Plain Long Tablecloth: Max: 9
White Plain Long Tablecloth: Max: 10
Black Round Tablecloth: Max: 14
White Round Tablecloth: Max: 11
Maroon Table Skirts: Max: 14
Black Table Skirts: Max: 11
White Table Skirts: Max: 10
Note: To request tables, see formWill open new browser window or tab on Physical Plant web page.
BPCC retractable (pullup) banners: Banner Style
Click on thumbnail to see style.
Select all that you require.
Style 1 Style 1
Style 2 Style 2
Style 3 Style 3
Style 4 Style 4
Style 5 Style 5
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Pick up will be in Public Relations in Building A unless otherwise notified.

If you entered a valid email address in the form, you will receive an email copy of the information you have submitted. You may retain that as a confirmation of your submission.