Request for PR Items

The PR Office has tablecloths, skirting, and retractable banners available for campus events. Please give two weeks' notice to ensure that the items are available. A PR staff member will contact you to let you know what is available and what is not for the requested time.

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Items Needed Quantity
BPCC Tablecloth: Max: 3
Black Plain Long Tablecloth:
Max: 10
Maroon lain Long Tablecloth: Max: 9
White Plain Long Tablecloth: Max: 10
Black Round Tablecloth: Max: 14
White Round Tablecloth: Max: 11
Maroon Table Skirts: Max: 14
Black Table Skirts: Max: 11
White Table Skirts: Max: 10
Note: To request tables, see formWill open new browser window or tab on Physical Plant web page.
BPCC retractable (pullup) banners: Banner Style
Click on thumbnail to see style.
Select all that you require.
Style 1 Style 1
Style 2 Style 2
Style 3 Style 3
Style 4 Style 4
Style 5 Style 5
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Pick up will be in Public Relations in Building A unless otherwise notified. Please remember to return the items in the condition you received.

If you entered a valid email address in the form, you will receive an email copy of the information you have submitted. You may retain that as a confirmation of your submission.