Recommendations for Clinical Observation Sites for Prospective PTA Students

As a Pre-PTA student it is your responsibility to seek/schedule opportunities for clinical observation before application to the PTA program. This list is being provided to you in an attempt to help you identify facilities that may be willing to allow you to volunteer/observe. You may, however, complete observation hours at any physical therapy facility under the supervision of any licensed PT/or PTA (who is a graduate of an accredited program). You are encouraged to contact sites directly to request permission to observe a therapist(s). You should be sure to inquire about facility volunteer/observer rules (including dress code standards) and follow those guidelines explicitly. If a clinic/hospital is willing to accept observers, it is generally on a first-come first-serve basis. Please note that these facilities are in no way contractually obligated to BPCC to accept observers, tend to be very busy, and often have students from other schools or programs observing or interning. Therefore, you are advised to begin seeking observation opportunities at least one semester before applying for admission. You are also reminded to treat this experience seriously and professionally from your initial phone request through your last day of observation. It is, in effect, an extended “interview” process in which the impressions you make upon the contact person and the therapists you observe are a major component of your application score.

Facility Contact Person Phone
Bayou State Therapy (Shreveport, LA) Kevin Sowell, PT 318-219-7737
Brewer Physical Therapy (Shreveport, LA) Amanda Brewer, PT 318-222-8892
Christus St. Michael Rehab Hospital (Texarkana, TX) Denise Kelems, PT 903-614-4469
Cornerstone Physical Therapy (Shreveport, LA) Alan Knight, PT 318-671-8772
Crossroads Rehabilitation (Homer, LA) Amy Stamps, PTA 318-624-9299
Green Clinic Rehab Services (Ruston, LA) Gene Mariano, PT 318-251-6373
Guest Care Rehab at Booker T Washington (Shreveport, LA) Lauren Brooks, PTA 318-219-2608
Guest Care Rehab at Shreveport Manor Sam Thiemann, PT, DPT 318-222-9482
GuestCare Rehab at Pilgrim Manor Bossier Jeff Spears, PTA 318-742-1623
GuestCare Rehab at the Guest House (Shreveport, LA) Phillip McKee, PT 318-686-0515
GuestCare Rehab at SpringLake (Shreveport, LA) Courtnei Doolittle, PTA 318-868-4126
Guidroz Physical Therapy (Natchitoches, LA) Richard Guidroz, PT 318-352-9643
Jeb Willard Physical Therapy (Springhill, LA) Jeb Willard, PT 318-539-4006
Lifecare Hospital, Inc (Homer/Ruston) Cynthia Morgan, PT 318-251-3126
LSU Health Sciences Center (Shreveport, LA) Shannon Fox, PT 318-675-5100
Melanie Massey Physical Therapy (West Monroe, LA) Jessica West, PTA 318-396-1969
Melanie Massey Physical Therapy (Shreveport, LA) Ron Payne, PTA 318-934-1969
Overton Brooks VA Medical Center (Shreveport, LA) Latonya Brown, PT 318-221-8411
North Louisiana Medical Center (Ruston, LA) Aliscia Cranford, Director of Rehab 318-254-2399
Performance Physical Therapy (Minden, LA) Ricky Killian, PT 318-371-6666
Pierremont Healthcare Center/Nexion (Shreveport, LA) Jennifer Minnich, PTA 318-868-2789
Reliant Rehabilitation at Town & Country Rehab (Minden, LA) Megan Swayze, PTA 318-371-9709
Reliant Rehabilitation at the Glen (Shreveport, LA) Dave Barry, PTA 318-213-3500
St. Francis Medical Center  (Monroe, LA) Liza Mercado, PT 318-327-4048
St. Francis Medical Center Outpatient Rehabilitation (Monroe, LA) Brett Rachal, PT 318-327-6335
Synergy Care at Garden Park (Shreveport, LA) Ashley Thomason, PTA 318-671-6804
Synergy Care at Northwest LA War Veterans Home (Bossier City, LA) Shannan Elliott, PTA 318-741-2763
TheraTeam (Mansfield, LA & Natchitoches, LA) April Hudson, PTA 318-238-2820
Tri-Star Rehab at Heritage Manor South (Shreveport, LA) Heather Hartman, PT 318-687-0740
Tri-Star Rehab at Heritage Manor Stratmore (Shreveport, LA) Shannon Crank, PTA 318-524-2022
Tri-State Physical Therapy (Bossier City, LA) Mark Hart, PT 318-747-1760
Vivian Physical Therapy (Vivian, LA) Robbie Gatti, PT 318-375-5500