Application Packet

Step 1: Apply to Louisiana Rehabilitation Services

Prior to applying for admissions to the PSE program, prospective students must be approved for services by Louisiana Rehabilitation Services. This process can take up to 90 days. Contacting LRS is the first step for entrance into the PSE program. Approval for services from LRS DOES NOT constitute acceptance into the PSE program.

Please call the following LRS counselor to begin the application process:

Clyde Matthews
Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Counselor
1525 Fairfield Ave Suite 708
Shreveport, LA 71101
Office: 318-676-7665 or 318-676-7155

Step 2: Apply to Program for Successful Employment at BPCC

(Steps 1 and 2 can be completed AT THE SAME TIME. You do not have to wait for an answer from LRS to turn in an application to PSE. However, if you are NOT approved for services by LRS you will NOT be accepted into the PSE program.)

Please be mindful of the criteria for participating in the PSE program:

High School Students Still Enrolled in Local Schools:

  • Approval from Louisiana Rehabilitation Services*
  • Currently enrolled in high school on an alternative diploma path
  • At least 1 semester of independent work or 2 semesters of **supported work experience
  • At least 16 yrs old
  • Have a documented diagnosis of a Cognitive Disability and/or Autism
  • Have basic safety awareness in an unsupervised setting
  • Placement recommended by an IEP Team decision
  • Must express, verbally or in writing, a desire for paid employment
  • Parent or guardian expresses support and desire for student to gain paid employment
  • Strong record of attendance and positive behavior

Other PSE Applicants:

  • Approval from Louisiana Rehabilitation Services*
  • Have completed a high school or learning resource program
  • Have a documented diagnosis of a Cognitive Disability and/or Autism
  • Have basic safety awareness in an unsupervised setting
  • Must express, verbally or in writing, a desire for paid employment
  • At least 6 months of independent work or **supported work experience
  • Strong positive behavior conducive to a classroom or work place setting

*Please see contact information for Louisiana Rehabilitation Services listed below under “Referrals”.

**Supported work experience must be at a level that would allow an applicant to work independently within a 2 or 3 week span of time

Furthermore, due to limited enrollment, the following criteria are also used to determine acceptance of a students into PSE:

The applicant must:

  • demonstrate appropriate adaptive and self-help behaviors
  • not have a current or chronic history of arrest or probation/parole
  • be exempt from current or chronic history of inflicting physical harm to him/herself or others
  • give written consent to PSE/BPCC to inform, involve, and consult guardians when deemed necessary
  • agree to attend and participate in the PSE program and required classes, including any unpaid externship opportunities
  • possess self-help skills and be able to safely function at his/her own job without direct supervision during program hours
  • agree the desired outcome of attending the PSE program is paid employment
  • benefit from the college experience with a focus on gainful employment
  • recognize that upon acceptance all students are on a probationary status until successful completion of one semester
  • agree to attend at least one session of benefits counseling
  • demonstrate measurable academic progress

Application for Admission

Once approved for services from LRS, the applicant must submit an Application Packet to BPCC for entrance into the PSE program. PSE Application Packets can be found onlinePDF Fileor in the PSE Office, Building D, Office 154. Packets can also be obtained by calling Wardena Jenkins, Transition Specialist, at 318-678-6506

All forms must be filled out completely. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

A checklist has been provided for your convenience.

After the application has been submitted, a pre-screening committee must agree that review of required intake information indicates:

  • the program to be educationally appropriate and the least restrictive environment for the applicant
  • the applicant’s individual needs can be appropriately served by the program staff and community resources
  • the applicant is seeking employment and understands the goal of the PSE program is paid employment

PSE Application Packet can be hand delivered or mailed to campus at the following location:

PSE Office/Admissions
Attn: Karen Ward
Building D, Office 154
6220 E. Texas
Bossier City, LA 71111

For more information, please call 318-678-6368.

Step 3: The On-site Interview/Observation Process

Once a pre-screening committee has reviewed all applications, an applicant who meets the requirements for entry will be scheduled for an on-site interview. An interview with the Program for Successful Employment interview committee is required. Students interested in the program are encouraged to discuss goals for employment, any previous work history, experiences in high school or college, and any areas requiring additional support on campus. Family members, guardians or other support staff are welcome to attend the initial meeting and provide insight in helping to plan the student’s college experience. Additional interviews may be required prior to acceptance.

The interview is necessary to assist the interview committee in determining whether the program would be an educationally appropriate and least restrictive environment for the applicant. The interview also serves to assess the applicant’s motivation level, response to instruction, acceptance of supervision, ability to relate to others, and potential for graduating from the PSE program with paid employment.

In addition to the interviews, as part of the acceptance process, PSE staff may ask to observe some applicants in several different settings. Like interviews, observations may be necessary to determine if the applicant meets the specified criteria as outlined.

Step 4: PSE Interview Committee Decisions

Via phone call and/or mail, applicants will be notified after the on-site interview if they have been accepted into the program. Enrollment is limited and all decisions by the PSE team are final. The applicant is free to reapply again at a later time. Application is limited to one application per calendar year.