In the file phlebotomy/index.html, under “Program Curriculum”, there is a chart depicting the following steps:

  1. Take Qualification Courses (BLGY 110, BLGY 120/120L, ALHT 102/102L, ALHT 109)
  2. Attend Clinical Packet Meeting (Clinical Packet Due in March and October)
  3. Attend Clinical Luncheon (Clinical rotations described in detail)
  4. Hospital Interviews (Community professionals interview applicants for clinicals)
  5. Acceptance into Clinicals (Based on GPA of at least 2.0, completed application packet, and Hospital Interviews)
  6. Attend Orientation Meeting (Clinical students fill out paperwork and meet other requirements of hospitals)
  7. Clinicals (Students take clinicals and other classes needed to graduate)
  8. Attend Graduation (Receive Certificate of Technical Studies in Phlebotomy and Allied Health pin on stage donned in cap and gown)
  9. Take National Certification Exam (Passing this exam qualifies you to work anywhere in the U.S.)

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