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Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician Program accepts students at Bossier Parish Community College beginning in both fall and spring semesters. Prerequisite classes for the “PHAR” prefixed courses may be taken at any time prior to application.

The BPCC Pharmacy Technician Program offers both an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) and a Certificate of Technical Studies in Pharmacy Technician. Students who earn an AAS will complete all coursework required of a Certificate, plus 27 hours of specified additional coursework. Students who earn a Certificate from BPCC are eligible to return to BPCC to complete the coursework for the AAS at a later date.

The BPCC Pharmacy Technician Program accredited by the American Society of Health System PharmacistsWill open new browser window or tab (ASHP).

Career Description

The Pharmacy Technician Program provides students with the skill and knowledge necessary to work as a pharmacy technician under the supervision of licensed pharmacists in various types of pharmacies. College-ready students can complete the Certificate of Technical Studies in Pharmacy Technician in two semesters* and the Associate of Applied Science in four semesters*. The pharmacy technician works as an assistant to a registered pharmacist, assisting or relieving the pharmacist in routine technical and clerical duties and functioning in strict accordance with standard written procedures and guidelines.

For a more complete description of a career as a Pharmacy Technician, refer to the website of the National Pharmacy Technician Association.Will open new browser window or tab

Getting Started at BPCC

  • If you are not currently a BPCC student, apply for admission to the College in Building F. Have transcripts from any college or university that you have previously attended sent to BPCC admissions office.
  • If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid, visit the Financial Aid Department which is located on the second floor of Building F.
  • Obtain a student ID in the Student Life office in Building F, Room 220.
  • Take the Reading, English and Math placement tests if you do not possess adequate ACT scores.
  • See a pharmacy technician program advisor to sign up for classes. (“PHAR” prefix courses are restricted to qualified students only.)

Program Contact Information

Trey Wynn, PD, Program Director

Elizabeth Huff, CPhT, Clinical Coordinator 

Application to the Pharmacy Technician Program

In order to be accepted into the Pharmacy Technician Program, you must completely fill out the program application,PDF File perform the required tasks, be currently in enrolled or successfully completed all prerequisite coursework with a “C” or better, and provide ALL of the requested documentation. Students apply during the third week of first week program classes (concurrently enrollment in PHAR 102 Lecture/Lab and PHAR 104). Students must interview, and those that qualify are accepted for the following semester of Clinical classes during the sixth week of this first semester.

  1. Refer to the General Catalog for specific degree requirements.
  2. Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate.
  3. Submit a complete program application packet by the deadline.

Clinical Application Packet

Program Expectations

Once a student has been accepted into the clinical phase (PHAR 110, PHAR 120, PHAR 151) of the Pharmacy Technician Program the student will have additional responsibilities.

These are outlined in the General Catalog in the following sections:

Examples of some of these responsibilities and restrictions are listed below:

  1. Be eligible to apply for Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Technician Candidate Registration. See the LABP website for specifics open new browser window or tab Students will apply for this registration after they are accepted into the BPCC program at the sixth week. Successfully receiving the LABP Pharmacy Technician Candidate Registration is a necessary prerequisite for second semester Clinical class, PHAR 151.
  2. Attend all mandatory program orientations and meetings on dates specified each semester.
  3. Submit all preclinical documentation and lab work by the deadlines that are specified during program meetings.
  4. Students must possess basic health insurance during the entire clinical course, PHAR 151.
  5. Students must possess a current BLS for Healthcare Providers Certificate that does not expire until after completion of clinical course (PHAR 151).
  6. Due to strict clinical site rules and Louisiana Board of Pharmacy regulations, Pharmacy Technician program students will be subject to drug and alcohol screenings and extensive local and federal background checks. Clinical affiliates (experiential sites) will not accept any students who have been found to have a felony convictions or positive substances screening. Therefore these students will not be eligible to enroll in PHAR 151 or complete the Pharmacy Technician program.

Gainful Employment