Summer 2011 Update for Oil and Gas Students

New instructor
Mr. Rocky Duplichan has been selected to teach in the Oil and Gas program, especially higher level lecture/labs and certification courses. Mr. Duplichan has a degree in Petroleum Technology from McNeese, and has worked in the OG production industry for over 30 years as a hand, a supervisor, and a trainer.

Check your fall schedule
Some course days and times have changed. See your advisor to get any conflict issues worked out before the end of July.

Saturday classes
Two courses will be offered on 5 or 6 Saturdays in the fall, OGPT 260 and ISAF 209.

There are five $500 Encana scholarships for fall available. Check this link to apply.

Graduating this fall?
Be sure to be advised at least by registration day so that your transcript can be evaluated to be sure you are on the right track to graduate. And if you have a plan to graduate in the spring, be sure to tell your advisor so that the correct plan can be made for you.

Job Posting Bulletin Board
As we are learning of jobs in the industry, we are going to make that information available to you with a Bulletin Board located in the Division office. Latest news is that Petrohawk would like to come here to recruit, and Shell is interested in opening up internships next summer to BPCC students.

Simtronics Software
All students will be using Simtronics simulator software in their classes beginning this fall. In lecture classes, it may be used to introduce equipment and processes. In lab classes, even some of your tests will be on the simulator. This is great hands-on training which will make you better prepared than some of your peers. LabVolt 3531 Trainer - Beginning this fall, this trainer will be used in Instrumentation and Processing class/labs. Instructors are being trained on August 18 and 19. Hopefully, more modules will arrive during fall semester so that there will be even more processes taught.

Personal Protective Equipment for J119 OG Lab
You will be required to wear PPE at all times in the lab. Your responsibility will be to wear long sturdy pants, steel toe shoes, and bring work gloves in your book bag. Hard hats, eye protection and hearing protection will be available in the lab. This is a serious requirement, and you will be asked to leave the lab (and lose credit for the day) if you are not dressed appropriately. Take the time now to plan for these purchases.

First Graduate
The Oil and Gas Program will have its first graduate this summer! Caleb Boudreaux will graduate on July 29 at 2:00 p.m.