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Correction for the May, 2012 edition: In the front page Black Out Board article, Professor Jessica Cobbs, not Judith Coston said, “Research papers are due which I have my students submit on Blackboard. Students also don’t have access to course resources. Although this made classes difficult, it was not impossible to conduct business.”       Correction for the March, 2012 edition: The sculptures on page six are made by John Waggoner, not Kelly McDade as indicated.
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        Correction for the March, 2011 edition: Kaleidoscope Staffer Anna Atkinson wrote the article on page four--Educ8 "Educating" Shreveport Bossier Through Art.
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Correction for the December, 2010 edition: For the winning group of BPCC 100, the Arcadiana Mortgage team, the leader's name is Duke Lowrie.        
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