BPCC on iTunes U. screenshotBossier Parish Community College has become involved in the latest teaching technology. It is innovative and as up-to-date in the technological world as the iPhone. At Bossier Parish Community College, we have become a part of just a handfull of colleges across the nation enrolled in iTunes U.Will open new browser window or tab

This is a program where students can access everything from homework assignments, actual video podcasts of their classes, and audio transcripts of lectures. This allows students from across the globe to access our curriculum. Students can receive credit or simply review a lecture through watching or listening to the podcasts. Students who miss a class can access their class online and never miss a lecture. Technology is now advanced and student friendly for the "X generation!"

Click HERE to go to BPCC on iTunes U.Will open new browser window or tab

Notice: If you do not have iTunes installed on your computer, you will prompted to download and install the application on your first visit.