Using Acrobat Reader

The toolbar icons and functions may vary depending on the version of your Acrobat Reader program and operating system, but the toolbar located at the top of Acrobat Reader application should contain icons similar to these:

PDF top bar


If you move your mouse cursor over an icon, a tool tip appears describing the function performed if you click on that icon:

Mouseover PDF toolbar

You can go over each icon yourself and see what it does, but you should familiarize yourself the following common icons:


Saves the file to your computer.


Prints the file.

Search tool

This is the Search tool. Use it to search for specific text within the current document.

Hand tool

If the current page view spans greater than the Acrobat Reader (as evidenced by horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars) you can use this freehand tool to move the page around. With the freehand tool selected, click the hand cursor onto the page to grab the page, and while still holding down the mouse button, move the page around.

Select tool

This is the Text Selection tool. Use it to select blocks of text you want to copy.

Zoom in

The magnifying glass tool with the plus sign allows you to zoom in, making the view larger.

Zoom out

The magnifying glass tool with the minus sign allows you to zoom out, making the view smaller.

Fit height

Displays page according to the height of the browser window.

Fit width

Displays page according to the width of the browser window.

Page size

This shows you the current magnification view of the page. You can change the magnification by using the Plusplus and Minusminus buttons, entering a magnification percentage in this text box, or clicking on the down arrow to select a magnification setting.



Located at the bottom of the Acrobat Reader is a status bar similar to this one:

Acrobat bottom bar


Each item serves the following purposes:


Acrobat page number display

This tells how many total pages are in the current document and which page you are seeing. The left and right arrows allow you to move back and forth through the pages.

Next page

Takes you to the next page of the document.

Last page

Takes you to the last page of the document.

Previous page

Takes you to the previous page of the document.

First page

Takes you to the first page of the document.




Clicking on the following buttons select how you want to view the document:

Single page

"Single Page" displays only one page at a time.


"Continuous" displays pages one after another.

Continuous Facing

"Continuous Facing" displays 2 pages side-by-side in continuous mode.


"Facing" displays pages two at at time.



Bookmarks tab

Some PDF files have Bookmarks that can be used as a Table of Contents. Just click on the Bookmarks tab to display or hide the Bookmarks frame.

Expand bookmark

If the document contains bookmarks, they may be "nested". Click the plus sign in the Bookmarks frame to expand the bookmark listings.

If you need further assistance with Acrobat, refer to your Acrobat Reader Help files, or go to the Adobe Acrobat Support Page.Will open new browser window or tab


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