Ouachita Independent Bank (OIB) Theatrical Leadership Award

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OIB Scholarship Opportunities:

Each semester, the BPCC Foundation Scholarship Committee will award four (4) academic assistance awards to theater- major students who have (1) been identified by the theater program director and (2) who meet specific scholarship guidelines (see “Criteria” below). The award may be used as supplemental assistance and used in conjunction with other awards to help offset the cost of tuition, fees and books.

Award Amount:

  • Up to $250 awarded per student
  • One award per student, per semester


These scholarships are to be awarded to persons possessing the following merits:

  • All applicants must possess minimum 2.000 GPA on high school or college work.
  • Student must have successfully completed at least one semester at BPCC.
  • Student is or will be enrolled in 12 credit hours (full-time) at BPCC during time for which he/she is requesting assistance.
  • Applicant demonstrates a special or unusual financial need as determined by the committee.
  • Applicant possesses talents that are desirable and which will lend credibility to the college. Student has other special existing circumstances which warrant the issuing of a scholarship.
  • Applicant must be admitted into one of the Theatrical degree programs to be eligible for this scholarship.

Procedures for applying for OIB/Theatrical Scholarships:

  • Student Applicant must submit the following:
    • BPCC Foundation OIB Theatrical Leadership Award Scholarship application
    • A one-page essay letter stating need, special talents and or leadership skills that he/she posses which will help to enhance the BPCC theatrical program
    • All other required documents to the BPCC Theater Program Coordinator.
  • BPCC Theater Directors review applications and make recommendations of awards.
  • BPCC Theater Program Coordinator will submit all applications to the Foundation Office for final review before the Application Deadline Date.
  • Foundation Office will mail award and denial letters to applicants.
  • Foundation Office will notify Financial Aid Office and Theater Program Coordinator of recipients as scholarships are awarded.
  • Scholarship awards are applied to the BPCC student account for each recipient.