Jayma LeeAnn Ware Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Award Criteria

The Jayma LeeAnn Ware Scholarship Award is dedicated in memory of EMT graduate, the late Jayma LeeAnn Ware. BPCC students (including College Transition Program students) who are pursuing a career as a Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) may be considered for this award. In addition to the criteria listed below, BPCC Foundation’s standard academic criteria may apply.

Foundation scholarship criteria details

  • All applicants must possess minimum 2.000 GPA on high school or college work.
  • Student is or will be enrolled in 12 credit hours (full-time) or minimum 6 credit hours (part time) at BPCC for the period for which they are being considered.
  • Student demonstrates a special or unusual financial need as determined by the committee.
  • Student possesses talents that are desirable and which will lend credibility to the college.
  • Student has other special existing circumstances which warrant the issuing of a scholarship.
  • Student must not be receiving any other form of financial assistance.

Prospective Recipients

Consideration for this award given to students seeking a paramedic/EMT degree or certificate (priority consideration given to students graduating or transitioning from BPCC’s Middle College/College Transition program).

How to Apply

To apply for this award, download the scholarship application (see link above).

About Jayma LeeAnn Ware

Daughter of proud parents, Gary and Marnita Ware, Jayma LeeAnn Ware was born December 19, 1989. Jayma passed away unexpectedly July 31, 2012. She was a beautiful young lady enrolled in BPCC’s Paramedic Program. During her high school years, Jayma fought an illness that left her unable to complete her graduation requirements. When she was well enough, she found her place in BPCC’s Middle College program (College Transition Program), earning straight As and completing her GED.

During her lifetime, Jayma was a great encourager and found much joy in helping others. BPCC was a light in her life, and she loved being a BPCC student.

Because of generous gifts from anonymous donors and her parents, Jayma LeeAnn Ware’s dream of having a career in the Paramedic profession will live on through BPCC students in pursuit of a Paramedic career.