Scholarships Program

Thank you for inquiring about available scholarships through BPCC Foundation. Thanks to generous grants and donations from community partners and members of BPCC's faculty and staff, BPCC students may be afforded opportunities for financial relief with tuition and fees.

Each year, the Foundation allocates tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to assist students who cannot secure traditional financial aid (Pell Grants, Loans), and to those who are self-pay, yet require additional assistance closing the funding gap on tuition and fees.

Building Success Together

In 2013-2014 the BPCC Foundation awarded 117 scholarships totaling $93,000!

What type of scholarships does the foundation offer?

While most of the awards provided by the Foundation are "need-based", some awards are also "merit-based" (granted based on talent, academic performance, etc.). You must see your department scholarship representative to inquire about the "merit-based" awards.

Scholarship Levels

Because of the vast amount of scholarships available, the levels vary, based on the award type and departmental and / or criteria requirements for the award. Please see “criteria” for the award for which you are interested to view the award levels. General Foundation awards are:

  • $1,000 for full time students (12 hours minimum)
  • $500 for part time students (6 hours minimum)
  • $250 Supplemental*
    * Not available with all funds. Determined on case-by-case level.

Open Application Periods

  • April 15 - July 15: For the following fall semester
  • November 15 - December 15: For the following spring semester

Applications are accepted during Open Application Period Only.

How to Apply

  1. Review criteria for scholarships.
  2. Chose the scholarship application which best mirrors your major
  3. Download the application form from and complete it neatly printed or typed format
  4. You may also see your program director or department scholarship representative about an application

How to Submit an Application

  1. Submit only one application to contact person listed at the bottom of the Application Form.
  2. You must submit all required information along with the application, or the application will not be considered (See application for all documentation. Letters must not exceed one paragraph).

How Do I Decide Which Scholarship to Apply For?

Start by considering your major. Then, review the list of scholarships and criteria to decide which one you might qualify for.

What You Should Know Before Applying:

  • Applicants must complete online scholarship application by the deadline (listed on the criteria and/or application). Late applications are not guaranteed a review.
  • Applicants must be enrolled at BPCC or planning to enroll in the course/major of the scholarship for which they are applying for assistance
  • Only applications that are complete and submitted before the deadline will be forwarded to the scholarship committees for review. Late applications are not guaranteed a review.
  • Only applications which meet all related criteria of the award for which applicant is applying will be considered for review.

Selection and Notification Process

  1. The Scholarship Review Committee for the respective award/program will review all applications after close of application period (deadline listed at bottom of application).
  2. Scholarship Review Committee will make the award recommendations and notify the scholarship recipient(s)
  3. Scholarship Representative will also notify the Foundation of recipients
  4. BPCC Foundation will notify business office to post award to recipient's account

Review the List of Foundation Scholarships

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