Essie Mae Winfield "Pursuit of Excellence" Scholarship Award


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About Mrs. Essie Mae Winfield:

Mrs. Essie Mae Winfield was a mother, grandmother, public servant and as described by those who knew her best, a “quiet hero.” She dedicated a life-long career to caring for the men and women at Barksdale Air Force Base as a custodian – a job for which she took great pride. But the greatest source of pride for Mrs. Winfield was her grandchildren. Her mission was to insure that her grandchildren, and all youth who had an ear to hear, understood her message that “to achieve a college education was to set a path for success.” Mrs. Winfield believed that anything short of “educational excellence” during a period when education was available to all, was simply not acceptable.


  • All applicants must possess minimum 3.000 GPA on high school or college work.
  • Student is or will be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours (full-time) at BPCC during time for which he/she is requesting assistance.
  • Student demonstrates a special or unusual financial need as determined by the committee.
  • Student possesses talents that are desirable and which will lend credibility to the college.
  • Student has other special existing circumstances which warrant the issuing of a scholarship.
  • Student must not be receiving any other type of financial assistance.

Procedures for applying for the Essie Mae Winfield Scholarship:

  • Applicant must submit an application, essay letter stating need, and transcript online.
  • Applicants seeking assistance must be on file at the BPCC Financial Aid Office.
    • Note: Applications missing any of the above information are considered incomplete and will not be processed.
  • Scholarship Committee reviews applications.
  • Foundation Office will notify all applicants of the Scholarship Committee’s decision.
  • Foundation Office will notify Business Office of recipients as scholarships are awarded.
  • Application for scholarship does not guarantee an award. Students must maintain contact with Business Office to plan for and fulfill financial obligations.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Applications: July 15th OR Spring Applications: December 15th