Chesapeake Energy Scholarship Award Criteria and Procedures

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The BPCC Foundation Scholarship Committee will award five (5) Chesapeake Energy awards each semester in the amount of $500*. To be considered for the Chesapeake Energy Award, student must possess the qualifications as listed below.

This scholarship will be awarded to persons possessing the following merits:


  • Student must be at the sophomore level at BPCC
  • Student must have a 2.75 GPA on all college work; and (below 2.75 not considered)
  • Student must be enrolled in minimum of six (6) credit hours at BPCC; and
  • Student must demonstrate a special or unusual financial need as determined by the
  • Committee; or
  • Student possesses talents that are desirable and will lend credibility to the College; or
  • Recipient must possess and maintain good academic standing (non-probationary) to be considered for and to retain award (*See BPCC Catalogue).
  • Student must be available to attend Chesapeake Energy’s Scholarship Recipients Reception at the end of semester.

Award may be received in conjunction with other forms of financial assistance.

Procedures for Applying for the Chesapeake Energy Award:

  • Applicant must submit a letter requesting the scholarship. This letter must explain the following:
    • The circumstances surrounding your request for this scholarship and
    • All required documents to the BPCC Foundation Office by deadline (see below).
  • The Foundation Scholarship Committee reviews applications.
  • The Foundation Office will mail award and denial letters to applicants.
  • The Foundation Office will notify the Financial Aid Office of recipients as scholarships are awarded.

Chesapeake Energy Award Requirements:

Fall applications due by July 15th OR Spring applications due by December 15th.

*Subsequent awards based on funds available for this award.