Class Attendance

Students are expected to be present at all class sessions. It is the students’ responsibility to read and understand the class attendance policy or online course participation expectations that will be defined in the syllabus for each course. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to define attendance or participation requirements and to monitor and record the students’ fulfillment of these requirements.

To be eligible for federal financial aid (Title IV aid), federal regulations require that students receiving federal financial aid establish attendance/participation in coursework each term.

At the beginning of each session, instructors will report student class attendance/participation for each course. The period of time when instructors are reporting attendance is usually a week to ten days following the class begin date. This period of reporting is called the “no show” period. Students who are reported as a “no show” will have the class removed from their class schedule.

Once all attendance is recorded, the Registrar’s office will notify the Financial Aid office of all students who were reported as “no shows” and had classes removed. The Financial Aid office will recalculate and adjust (reduce) the financial aid awards accordingly. Students who fail to attend ANY classes will be ineligible for Title IV financial aid.

Pell grants are based on the course load actually attended. If the Financial Aid office receives notification of non-attendance in any class at any time, the determination of federal financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated for that semester and may result in financial aid forfeiture and/or a balance due to the College.

If a student has been reported as a “no show” in a class due to a reporting error, the student should contact the instructor. The instructor will provide updated attendance information to the Registrar’s office and the class will be reinstated. The Registrar’s office will notify the Financial Aid office when a student’s class has been reinstated so that the financial aid awards can be re-evaluated.

Resignations (Official Withdrawals) and Unofficial Withdrawals

Additionally, if a financial aid recipient begins attendance in class, but resigns (official withdrawal) or stops attending (unofficial withdrawal) ALL classes before completing more than 60% of the semester, he/she will owe money to the aid program and BPCC. If a student ATTENDS at least one class PAST the 60% date, he/she will not owe money.

Please NOTE: Your instructors will provide the financial aid office with your last date of attendance. We will adjust your financial aid awards according to the last date you attended class, not the day you withdraw. You must ATTEND past the 60% date.

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