Project LUMEN

LUMEN is the official name of the LCTCS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project. LUMEN stands for LCTCS Unified Managed Educational Network.

When LUMEN is fully operational, employees throughout the LCTCS will have access to a variety of tools that will supply them with information they need as well as tools that will perform work functions that might have been cumbersome in the past.

Below is list of what employees will be able to take advantage of when using the new system:

  • Web-based time report and electronic timesheet approval
  • Access to benefit enrollment information
  • The ability to print a copy of your pay stub
  • The ability to print your current W-2

They will also have access to the job history of all assignments maintained in BannerHR, along with all changes made to those assignments.

LUMEN will not only assist employees of the LCTCS, it will also be an invaluable tool for students.

Student Self Service provides the following functionality to students through LUMEN:

  • Register
  • Add or Drop Classes
  • Look Up Classes
  • Update Student Term Dates
  • View Schedule
  • View Registration Status
  • View Registration History
  • View Grades
  • View Academic Transcript
  • View Statement and Payment History
  • Apply to Graduate

Project LUMEN: Video Update 4

Project LUMEN: Video Update 3

Project LUMEN: Video Update 2

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