BPCC Test Floater Page

This page is designed to assist BPCC students that have time-out problems with their home Internet connection while taking a test.  This is most helpful to students that access the Internet through dial-up.

Students that have this problem should open this floater page in your ISP's provided browser (example: AOL users should open this page inside the AOL browser).    Leave this window open and start Blackboard in a new Internet Explorer browser window in front of the first window.  The floater page will refresh/reload this page  every 3 minutes.  This should keep your Internet connected.  You should test this before taking a Blackboard online test.

NOTE: Please test this.  BPCC is not responsible if your Internet connection is dropped during a Blackboard online test.

Click on the "Add to Favorites" button so that this page can be easily accessed through your favorites list each time you need it.