Application Procedures

Initial Application Procedure

Students are responsible for initiating contact with the Disability Services Office. A Request for Disability Services and supporting forms may be obtained in Building F, room 250. Medical documentation, which substantiates the disability, must accompany the request for services. The Office of Disability Services will accept a current (within three years) Individualized Education Program (IEP) as a provisional request for services.

Medical documentation must be provided no later than four weeks after the receipt of the IEP. A description of appropriate medical documentation is detailed in this document. No accommodation(s) will be given without appropriate documentation. If another evaluation is obtained after the initial intake or the disability has changed in some way, specifically worsened and/or limitations have increased, further documentation must be presented. It is the responsibility of Disability Services to assess all medical documentation, and it is the responsibility of each student to provide medical documentation upon request. All accommodation(s) are decided on a case-by-case basis and are subject to change if disability-based needs change.

The College is not responsible for evaluation or re-evaluation expenses or any other expenses involved in obtaining required documentation. Request for accommodations must be made no later than the two weeks prior to the start of classes of the semester for which the student is requesting modifications. Requests for services are not retroactive. Failure to follow Disability Services’ policies and procedures may result in delayed services or ineligibility for services.

The following documents must be submitted in person. Emails, faxes, scanned materials, or other means of transmitting documents are not acceptable.

  • Request for Disability Services
  • Appropriate Medical Documentation (updated every three years)
  • IEP (Appropriate medical documentation must be received no later than four weeks after the receipt of the IEP)
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Student Information Release
  • Disability Services Contract
  • Voter Declaration Form (and Voter Registration Application if wanting to register to vote)

Application Procedure for Subsequent Semesters

After the first semester that he/she has qualified for Disability Services, each student is required to complete a new request for services packet for each subsequent semester in which he/she is enrolled at BPCC. Once a student has submitted medical documentation for a particular disability, the student is not required to provide updated medical information for that disability each subsequent semester. However, if the student is seeking new and different accommodations, the college reserves the right to require updated medical information.