Communication Media Information

Statement of Purpose

As part of its agreement with the city of Bossier City, SuddenLink Communications of Bossier City has agreed to set aside cable channel twelve (12) as the Public, Education, and Government (PEG) access channel. With mutual consent of SuddenLink Communications of Bossier City and Bossier Parish Community College, Communication Media conducts the day-to-day operation of the PEG channel.

In order to serve the needs of the viewing public, the following guidelines and criteria have been established:

  1. All programming must fall into one of the three categories as addressed in the city charter (public, education, or government in nature).
  2. Programming will meet guidelines in decency and decorum.
  3. Only noncommercial, not-for-profit programs will be cablecast.
  4. Communication Media reserves the right to refuse any programming that may be controversial or inflammatory in nature or does not meet the criteria as stated above.
  5. SuddenLink Communications of Bossier City is ultimately responsible to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the content of the channel.