Associate of Applied Science in Communication Media Concentrations

There are five concentrations in the Associate of Applied Science in Communication Media: Mass Communication, Sound and Music Recording, Graphic Design/Computer Animation, Photography, and Multimedia.

Mass Communication

Under the Mass Communication concentration, you will study areas of film, television, and radio production. In our TV studio we produce live and prerecorded weekly programming that goes out on Suddenlink Bossier Channel 12, the Local Access channel. In addition, each summer we produce a feature length film. Students get hands-on experience while they learn the movie-making process from pre-production through post-production.

Sound and Music Recording

Want to learn how to produce an album or run your own audio recording audio studio? The Sound and Music Recording concentration will teach you just that. Faculty and staff are seasoned with real world experience to guide you through learning how to build a sound studio, using industry standard software, and much more.

Graphic Design/Computer Animation

In our Graphic Design/Computer Animation program, students will gain an understanding of design technique and convention that can be applied in the workforce. Students will become proficient in everything from graphics to animation, utilizing tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Maya.


Photography students will discover ways to separate themselves from traditional photography by blending art with technical photographic skills. The concentration will include studio and environmental lighting and Photoshop learning balanced with an artistic mindset.



The Multimedia concentration allows students with interests in all the areas of the Communication Media department to take a few classes from each to achieve a well-rounded communication education.

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