Policy Statement

This document is an outline of policies and procedures of the Recruiting Office. The Director of Recruiting and the Multicultural Recruitment Coordinator make decisions regarding recruiting procedures and the hiring of student recruiters, the Cavalier Express.

The following mission has been established for the Office of Recruitment:

To serve as a network of diversified students and staff support to Bossier Parish Community College by locating, assisting, and serving prospective students throughout the community.

The Office of Recruitment is active in the recruitment of new students, and the creation of New Student Orientation/Registration. The Recruiting Office is responsible for recruiting new students throughout the community by providing outreach to area high schools, businesses, malls, churches, etc.

Responsibilities for the Office of Recruitment include:

  • Selecting, training, and supervising the Cavalier Express Recruiting Team.
  • Attending High School Counselor Articulation Workshops statewide and distributing information.
  • Hosting fall and spring College Transfer Days.
  • Coordinating visits to area high schools, businesses, churches, etc. throughout the community.
  • Volunteering at various functions throughout our service area.
  • Maintaining a computer data base of prospective students.
  • Sending informational packets and correspondence to prospective students.
  • Coordinating campus tours to prospective students.

Effective Date: January 13, 2003

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