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Certificate of Technical Studies in Advanced Welding Technology

This certificate program produces a well-rounded American Welding Society (AWS) Schools Excelling through National Skills Education (SENSE) Level II Advanced Welder who can work in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and construction.

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of a Certificate of Technical Studies in Advanced Welding Technology will be able to:

  1. Perform shielded metal arc welding (SMAW).
  2. Perform gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).
  3. Perform flux-core arc welding (FCAW).
  4. Perform gas metal arc welding (GMAW).
  5. Perform advanced pipe welding and fitting

Specific Degree Information:

Previous weld training or welding experience recommended, Must pass written exam and performance qualification test to determine eligibility for WELD courses. Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor concerning required courses and sequencing for this certificate.

Required Courses for Certificate of Technical Studies in Advanced Welding Technology

First Semester Hours
MATH 102: College Algebra 3
or MATH 111:   Pre-Calculus Algebra
TEED 101: Basic Electricity 4
WELD 103: Advanced SMAW 4
WELD 105 Advanced GTAW 4
Second Semester Hours
MATH 112: Trignometry 3
TEED 142: Industrial Graphics (Print Reading) 3
WELD 107: Advanced FCAW and GMAW 4
WELD 109: Advanced Pipe Welding and Fitting 4
Total Credit Hours 29

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