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Technical Competency Area in Laboratory Assistant

The Laboratory Assistant Program provides students who have completed an acceptable phlebotomy program with the additional training required to appropriately collect, label, and process blood and body fluids, run simple, CLIA waived laboratory tests and associated quality control procedures, perform routine maintenance of laboratory equipment, prepare reagents for laboratory tests and quality control procedures, and execute clerical duties associated with collection, processing, and testing of blood and body fluids. Laboratory assistants work in physicians' offices, ambulatory clinics, and hospital laboratories.

Required courses for Technical Competency Area in Laboratory Assistant

Student must have completed the BPCC PBT Certificate Program to enter Laboratory Assistant Program.
(after completing an acceptable phlebotomy program)
BLGY 202: Microbiology for Nursing and Allied Health 3
BLGY 202L: Microbiology for Nursing and Allied Health Lab 1
PHSC 106: Elements of Chemistry or any course with a CHEM prefix 3
  or any CHEM:
ALHT 209/209L: Laboratory Procedures 4
ALHT 206: Pathophysiology 3

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