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Associate of Science in General Science (Option in Allied Health)

The General Science degree program provides students wishing to pursue careers in allied health fields, including nursing, radiology, and dental hygiene, with a structured program of pre-clinical course work. Students may use the foundation provided by this degree to pursue a four-year degree or may enter the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of the Associate of Science in General Science will be able to demonstrate:

  1. effective verbal, written, and graphic communication to accurately and appropriately read, inform, and convey scientific information;
  2. critical analysis and interpretation of information collected through research or laboratory experiences, based on scientific methodology, principles, and sound and logical reasoning;
  3. continuous academic preparedness in the life and physical sciences that leads to potential career and professional pathways;
  4. application of math operations, graphic data and algebraic formula necessary to collect, analyze, and interpret scientific data through laboratory investigation and experimentation; and
  5. utilization of current and emerging instrumentation and related technologies in the collection and recording of scientific data.

Required courses for Associate of Science in General Science (Allied Health)

Freshman Year
First Semester Hours
ENGL 101: Composition and Rhetoric I 3
MATH 102: College Algebra 3
BLGY 230: Human Anatomy and Physiology I  3
or BLGY 120:   Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology
BLGY 230L: Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab  1
or BLGY 120L:   Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  Approved Science elective * 4
Second Semester Hours
ENGL 102: Composition and Rhetoric II 3
  MATH elective  3
BLGY 231: Human Anatomy and Physiology II  3
or ALHT 206:   Pathophysiology
  Approved Science elective * 4
SPCH 110: Public Speaking 3
Sophomore Year
First Semester Hours
CIS 105: Computer Concepts 3
  Humanities elective 3
  Approved Science elective * 3
    or Social Science elective
  Approved Science elective * 3
    or Humanities elective
  Approved elective ** 3
Second Semester Hours
  Social Science elective 3
  Fine Arts elective 3
  Approved Science elective * 3
  Approved Science elective * 3
  Approved elective ** 3
Total Credit Hours 60
* Approved science electives for this degree plan only: ALHT 102, ALHT 105, ALHT 109, ALHT 112, ALHT 114, ALHT 115, ALHT 116, ALHT 201, ALHT 203, ALHT 206, ALHT 207, and ALHT 209; BLGY 101, BLGY 101L, BLGY 102, BLGY 102L, BLGY 105, BLGY 105L, BLGY 106, BLGY 106L, BLGY 107, BLGY 110, BLGY 120, BLGY 113, BLGY 202, BLGY 202L, BLGY 203, BLGY 206, BLGY 206L, and BLGY 244; CHEM 101, CHEM 102, CHEM 107, CHEM 108, and CHEM 250; EMTP 100; HLPE 221; MOS 107, 109, 110, 111, 118, and 113; PHSC 105, PHSC 106, PHSC 107, PHSC 110, and PHSC 111; PHYS 101, PHYS 201/201L, PHYS 202/202L, PHYS 211, and PHYS 212; STEC 101, 102, 110, 112, 120, and 121, and other science courses, approved by the advisor.
** Any non-remedial course, approved by the advisor

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