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Corrections (CORR)

102: Introduction to Corrections. (3-3-0)
Focuses on societal responses to the offender. Traces the evolution of practices based on philosophies of retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation. Reviews contemporary correctional activities and their relationships to other aspects of the criminal justice system.

201: Correctional Law. (3-3-0)
Studies the legal rights and obligations of the convict-probationer, inmate, and parolee. Surveys methods of enforcing both rights and obligations and the responsibilities of corrections agencies and personnel under correction law (constitutional, statutory, and regulatory provisions).

210: Local and Adult Detention Facilities. (3-3-0)
Studies security procedures in adult detention facilities, the criteria for effective supervision of inmates, the correctional aspects of inmate discipline, and the handling of Aspecial@ inmates. Presents concepts, programs, and planning considerations for jail management and the operation of adult detention facilities.

230: Probation, Parole, and Treatment. (3-3-0)
Surveys the philosophy, history, organization, personnel, and functioning of traditional and innovative probation and parole programs; considers major treatment models for clients.

250: Management of Correctional Facilities. (3-3-0)
Describes management options and operational implications for staffing, security, safety, and treatment. Considers impact of changes in public policy on corrections.

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