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Certificate of Technical Studies in Criminal Justice Investigation

The certificate of Technical Studies in Criminal Justice Investigation is designed to show recognition of extensive training in one of the primary areas of law enforcement. Precise techniques must be mastered in accident investigation, human trafficking, homicide, drug enforcement and forensic methodology, as well as other investigative duties.

Police who know the skills, how to recognize evidence, how to preserve evidence and build a court case provide invaluable service to their department and the community they serve.

General Degree Information:

Graduates receive a total of 30 hours of college credit for completion of course work required for the Certificate of Technical Studies in Criminal Justice Investigation. Courses taken in the CTS can be applied toward a Technical Diploma in Criminal Justice and the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. Courses may also count toward a baccalaureate at colleges and universities electing to accept the transferred course(s).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The skills to comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize information related to their area of responsibility by demonstrating their expertise;
  2. The application of the skills necessary to prepare written reports;
  3. The ability to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate job-related task in the profession of law enforcement.

Required Courses for Certificate of Technical Studies in Criminal Justice Investigation

First Semester Hours
CJUS 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJUS 201: Criminal Law 3
CJUS 202: Criminal Investigation 3
CJUS 204: Accident Invest./Reconstruction 3
CJUS 240: Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs 3
Second Semester Hours
CJUS 291: Criminal Evidence and Procedure 3
CJUS 294: Medicolegal Death Investigation 3
CJUS 295: Criminalistics 3
or CJUS 297:    Violence, Domestic and Other Abusers
CJUS 290: Homeland Security 3
CJUS 250: Police Procedures 3
or CJUS 299:    Juvenile Justice
Total Credit Hours 30
Students must meet prerequisites before taking any given course. Additionally, students must earn a minimum grade of C in each course required in the curriculum to earn the Certificate in Technical Studies (C.T.S.) in Criminal Justice Investigation. All BPCC students are expected to be familiar with College policies, requirements, procedures and regulations.

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