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Administrative Offices

Chancellor's Office

Douglas "Rick" Bateman Jr., Ph.D. Chancellor
Juanita Epps, B.S. Auditing Compliance Officer
Peggy Fuller, M.B.A. Dean, Student Success/Student Services Department
Allison Martin, M.L.A. Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives
Tracy McGill, B.A. Director of Public Relations
Christy Moore, A.A.S. Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Stephanie Rogers, B.S. Director of Institutional Advancement

Academic Affairs

Lesa Taylor-Dupree, M.A. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Donna Womack, M.S. Associate Vice Chancellor, Innovative Learning and Workforce Development
Holly French-Hart, D.Mgt. Associate Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness, Strategic Planning and Assessment
Brenda Brantley, M.L.S. Dean of Learning Resources
Carolyn Burroughs, M.Ed. Dean of Science, Nursing, and Allied Health
Charles Cameron, M.A. Dean of Educational Technology
Ray Scott Crawford, Ph.D. Dean of Communication and Performing Arts
Vicki Dennis, M.A. Dean of Liberal Arts
Michelle D. "Dee Dee" Mitchell, M.A. Dean of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs
Sandra Partain, M.H.S. Dean of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Rebecca Turbeville, M.B.A. Interim Dean of Business, Director of BPCC at LSUS Program
Lisa Wargo, M.A. Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Lynn Brown, M.S. Director of the Testing Center
Connie McConathy, B.S. Program Director for BPCC at NSU
Sandra Theus, M.A. Program Director for BPCC at GSU
Shelli Ulrich, B.S. Director of College Transition Programs
Lisa Wheeler, M.Ed. Director of Institutional Research and Grants
Cieltia Adams, M.A. Director of Academic Planning

Business Affairs

Tom Williams, M.Ed. Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Raymond Abraham Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Gary Hollatz Chief Information Systems Officer
Teri Bashara, B.S. Director of Human Resources
Gayle Doucet, B.S. Director of Purchasing
David Jones, B.S. Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Mike May Director of Campus Security
Joseph St. Andre, M.S. Director of Physical Plant Maintenance

Student Services

Karen Recchia, M.Ed. Vice Chancellor for Student Services
Kathleen Vercher, B.B.A. Dean of Enrollment Management
Richard Cockerham, B.A. Registrar
Marjoree Harper, M.A. Director of Student Life
Angela Herren, A.S. Director of Recruiting
John Rennie Director of Athletics and Intramural Sports
Vicki Temple, M.A. Director of Financial Aid

Economic and Workforce Development

Gayle Flowers Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development

Advisory Committees

Bossier Parish Community College encourages area civic leaders, College administrators, faculty, and staff to serve as advisory committee members. For a complete listing of advisory committee membership, students may contact the following College division and departments:

  • Athletics
  • Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs
  • Business
  • Communication and Performing Arts
  • Distance Learning Services
  • Library
  • Science, Nursing, and Allied Health
  • Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics