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Division of Liberal Arts


Holly French-Hart
Professor of English and Program Director of General Studies



Genevieve Tournebize

Associate Professors:

Cathy Hammel
Gayle Labor
Danny Williams

Assistant Professors:

Cieltia Adams
Ellen Boose
Yolanda Cooper
Anna Dickson
Karen Guerin
Kelly McDade


Katie Bickham
Jessica Cobbs
Dr. Frances Conley
Sarah Culpepper
Vicki Dennis
Charles K. Fontenot
Candice Gibson
Jennifer Laufenberg
John Wagoner

Mission of the Division of Liberal Arts

The mission of the Division of Liberal Arts is to maintain and develop the highest standards of academic and curricular excellence in order to promote student success. The Division of Liberal Arts, which oversees the Associate of General Studies degree, the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer (Fine Arts, Humanities Concentrations) degree, and the Certificate of General Studies, encompasses the following disciplines: art, English, foreign language, humanities, interpretation, reading, and religion. The primary emphasis of this division is placed on students and excellent classroom instruction.

Associate Degree

The Division of Liberal Arts offers the following associate degrees:


The Division of Liberal Arts offers the following certificate: