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Division of Communication and Performing Arts


Dr. Ray Scott Crawford

Rona Leber
Associate Dean, Professor

Mary Lyle-Mitchell
Administrative Assistant III



Dr. Ray Scott Crawford (Program Director for Theatre)
Kathryn DeFatta-Barattini
Rona Leber (Program Director for Communication Media and Speech)

Associate Professor:

Dr. Michael D. Hart (Program Director for Music)

Assistant Professors:

Bob Alexander
Gulnara Chandler
Melanie Ann Lea


Peggy Byers
Darrell Chitty
Jonathan Elmore

Interim Instructors:

Jonathan Offutt
Luke Eddy


Keith Bruce, Media Coordinator
Eric Crowder, Resource Coordinator
Andrew Harris, Editor
Mary Lyle-Mitchell, Administrative Assistant III
Stella Thompson, Program Coordinator
David White, Technical Coordinator
Louis Williams, Project Coordinator

Mission Statement

The guiding mission of the Communication and Performing Arts Division is to prepare students for successful placement or advancement in rewarding careers in Communication or Performing Arts related fields or to prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Our courses and programs provide a rich and rigorous curriculum that helps students understand, appreciate, and accomplish the artistic and technical challenges of their specific areas of study. Course work, productions and field projects provide practical application of those skills.

Associate Degrees

Associate of Applied Science in Communication Media
The student chooses one of five concentrations: Mass Communication, Sound and Music Recording, Graphic Design/Computer Animation, Photography, or Digital Media. These concentrations draw from course work in the following areas of study: Broadcasting, Business of Music, Computer Animation, Film, Graphic Design, Media for the Ministry, Photography, Radio, Sound Recording Technology, and TV Production.

Five Concentrations

Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer - Mass Communication Concentration
The goal of the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree is to maximize the transfer process, meet the needs of students who enroll in a 2-year college with the intent to work toward a baccalaureate, and develop a universal transfer program for which the coursework completed in pursuit of the degree will be accepted by all public universities in the state.

Associate of Arts in Performing Arts
The student chooses a concentration in Music, Theatre, or Musical Theatre. The concentration in Theatre includes the following areas of study: Acting, Costume Design, Directing, Lighting Design, Scene Design, Stage or Theatre Management, and Theatre Technician.

Three Concentrations

Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS)

The Division of Communication and Performing Arts offers the following certificates:

Technical Competency Area (TCA)

The Division of Communication and Performing Arts offers the following concentrations in technical competency area studies:

Communication Media