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Division of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs


Michelle D “Dee Dee” Mitchell
Assistant Professor

Karen Ward
Administrative Coordinator III

Shelli Ulrich
Director, College Transition Programs

Amanda Reese
Administrative Coordinator III

Angie Bales
Program Coordinator, AST (grades 1-5)

Belvia Brock
ELA Coordinator

Rebecca Hanberry
Director, Program for Successful Employment

Mark Hux
ELS Coordinator

Wardena Jenkins
Specialist-Job Coach, Program for Successful Employment

Sherrie Johnson
Education and Career Placement Specialist, Program for Successful Employment

Tiyonda McCoy
Project Coordinator, WIA

Kathy Porter
Program Coordinator, CDYC

Linda Sandifer
Instructor, Workplace Literacy

Justin Tison
Assistant Director of College Transition Programs

Brenda Williams
BPCC Accelerated Program Coordinator

Division Faculty


Carol Adkins
Kay Boston
Dan Cain
Barbara James
Brookie Walker
Dr. Dawn Young

Associate Professors:

Gail Hendrix
Sharonda Mikle
Richard Pool

Assistant Professors:

John Agan
Ashley Grisham
Linda H. Scott
John Sells
Sandra Todaro
Brenda Woods


Anthony “TJ” Forrest
Tony "Rocky" French
Dr. Wesley Hinze
Jeff Lynn
Dr. John O'Connor
Calli Thompson
Aaron Vorachek
Michael Walker
Rick Woodward

Mission of the Division of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs

The mission of the Division of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs is to offer courses that complement and/or support degree programs at BPCC; to support the academic success of students previously unsuccessful in their educational endeavors; to fulfill the needs of individuals seeking credentials or advanced training for promotion in law enforcement and corrections agencies; to offer students a comprehensive education program specifically designed to produce teacher candidates for university colleges of education; to meet the educational standards set by the State and federal governments for early childhood programs and satisfy the highest level of requirements in the Louisiana Quality Rating System (QRS) for providers of child care; to coordinate BPCC Accelerated for working adults interested in completing their education in an online format; and to offer courses that transfer to other colleges and universities.

Objectives of the Division of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs:

  • To offer associate degree programs in Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, and Early Childhood that will prepare graduates for jobs in the related career fields.
  • To promote student success through maintaining and developing academic excellence in associate degree programs.
  • To provide support and retention efforts for working adults in BPCC Accelerated online coursework within fast-track degrees).
  • To prepare previously unsuccessful students for the rigor of college course enrollment and completion.
  • To improve the opportunity for students to earn academic college credit for transfer to four-year institutions through articulation agreements.
  • To encourage critical thinking, analysis, and observation skills in division course offerings.

Associate Degree

Bossier Parish Community College offers three associate degree programs in the area of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs:

BPCC Accelerated

BPCC Accelerated is coordinated through the Division of Behavioral-Social Sciences and College Transition Programs. Working adults interested in finishing a degree or entering college for the first time have the option of enrolling in programs offered in accelerated, online formats. Online classes allow students flexibility in scheduling classes around a busy work schedule and personal responsibilities. Classes are taught in 4-week and 8-week accelerated formats giving students an opportunity to complete a degree in approximately 1 ½ years. For more information about BPCC Accelerated, visit, email, or phone 318-678-6050.

Programs Offered in an Accelerated Format

Associate Degree:

Certificate of Technical Studies:

Courses are taught through an innovative process that incorporates proven student success models with student preferred accelerated online delivery. Therefore, the courses are offered in 4-week and 8-week formats and result in a fast track to graduation.

Prior Learning Assessment

Bossier Parish Community College‘s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is the process of earning credit for college-level learning through a variety of resources. More information on all forms of Prior Learning Assessment at BPCC is located within the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the General Catalog or by contacting BPCC Accelerated at 318-678-6050 or

College Transition Programs