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Certificate of Technical Studies in Industrial Control Systems

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of Certificate of Technical Studies in Industrial Control Systems will have demonstrated:

  1. basic electrical skills required for entry-level employment as a control system technician;
  2. basic entry-level skills in pneumatics and electric motor controls;
  3. basic semiconductor principles, power supplies, AC and DC circuit analysis;
  4. an understanding of basic digital circuits;
  5. an understanding of instrumentation used for industrial automation and process control;
  6. an understanding of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) covering installation, programming and maintaining PLC systems.

Specific Degree Information:

Industrial technicians must obtain a broad understanding of basic electricity, DC and AC circuits, semiconductor electronics, digital electronics, microprocessors, electronic instruments, programmable logic controllers, DC and AC motor control, and pneumatics. This program is designed to provide strong foundations in these areas as well as in technical mathematics.

Required courses for the Certificate of Technical Studies in Industrial Control Systems:

First Semester Hours
MATH 129: Applied Technical Math 3
TEED 101: Basic Electricity 3
TEED 101L: Basic Electricity Laboratory 1
TEED 150: Pneumatics 3
Second Semester Hours
TEED 102: Semiconductors Electronics 3
TEED 102L: Semiconductors Electronics Laboratory 1
TEED 201: Digital Electronics 3
Third Semester Hours
TEED 202: Introduction to Microprocessors 3
TEED 202L: Introduction to Microprocessor Laboratory 1
TEED 204: Industrial Instrumentation 3
TEED 252: Electric Motor Control 3
TEED 252L: Electric Motor Control Laboratory 1
Fourth Semester Hours
TEED 208: Programmable Logic Controllers 3
TEED 208L: Programmable Logic Controllers Laboratory 1
Total credit hours 32

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