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2010 - 2011 General Catalog



General Degree Requirements

Bossier Parish Community College fulfills its stated purpose by meeting challenges from business establishments, industrial companies, and medical institutions to provide technical training for their employees. Successful completion of the training qualifies students to receive, in each appropriate case, technical competency area certification, a certificate, an associate degree, and/or credit to transfer to other institutions where the studies can be completed. The College's occupational/technical programs include degree programs, clock-hour programs, seminars, and training sessions.

BPCC offers the following Associate Degrees, Academic Certificates, and Technical Competency Areas:

Associate of Applied Science

Associate of Arts

Associate of Science


Technical Diploma


Certificate of Technical Studies

Technical Competency Area

General Education Core Curriculum

Associate Degree

The accrediting (SACS-COC) and governing (Board of Regents) bodies of Bossier Parish Community College have established a set of core courses for students receiving an associate degree at the College. This core curriculum is included in the Associate Degree curriculum that students follow. Graduates of all BPCC associate degrees are required, at a minimum, to take the following courses:

Minimum required Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Associate of Arts (AA) Associate of Science (AS) Associate (A)
General Education 15 credit hours 27 credit hours 27 credit hours 27 credit hours
English Composition 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours
Mathematics 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours
Natural Science 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours 6 credit hours
Humanities 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours
Fine Arts 0 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours 3 credit hours
Behavioral/Social Sciences 3 credit hours 6 credit hours 3 credit hours 6 credit hours

Academic Certificates

Bossier Parish Community College awards the following: the Certificate, the Technical Diploma, and the Certificate of Technical Studies. These contain the required coursework as approved by the Board of Regents. The Technical Diploma and the Certificate of Technical Studies do not possess a general education core requirement.

Technical Competency Area

A Technical Competency Area is a series of applied courses that provides students with mastery in a specific technical/vocational area. The TCA does not possess a general education core requirement.

General Education Competencies

Associate Degree

In addition to the above minimum core courses, BPCC has established general education competencies, which are related to the entire curriculum, and not limited to any one course. The general education competencies for Associate Degree graduates are reading, written and oral communication, mathematical computation, critical thinking, library skills, and computer literacy. Establishing competencies is accomplished across the curriculum for each Associate Degree program and includes courses from the Core Curriculum required by the Louisiana Board of Regents and the General Education core required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Specifically, Associate Degree graduates must be able to do the following:

  1. READING - Comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize information gained by reading college-level material across the curriculum.
  2. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - Communicate effectively in written English across the curriculum by thinking critically to develop ideas and organize argument and supporting information in a variety of rhetorical modes.
  3. ORAL COMMUNICATION - Develop effective informative and persuasive oral-communication skills demonstrated through oral presentation across the curriculum.
  4. MATHEMATICAL COMPUTATION - Comprehend and accurately perform course-specific mathematical operations to demonstrate problem-solving skills.
  5. CRITICAL THINKING - Develop critical thinking skills to generate and interpret information and beliefs successfully from knowledge, skills and abilities gained across the curriculum.
  6. LIBRARY SKILLS - Use library resources to research topics across the curriculum.
  7. COMPUTER LITERACY - Utilize current computer technology and applications across the curriculum to develop research skills and computer literacy for academic settings, workforce development, and lifelong learning.

To ensure BPCC Associate Degree graduates have established general education competencies in these areas, a graduate must have no grade lower than a "C" in courses used to assess general education competencies.

Academic Certificates

Additionally, BPCC has established the following general education competencies for Academic Certificates. The general education competencies for the Academic Certificate graduates are reading, written communication, arithmetic computation, and skills in their chosen occupational fields. Specifically, Academic Certificate graduates must be able to do the following:

  1. READING - Comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize information gained by reading college-level material.
  2. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - Use basic grammar, mechanics, and composition skills in a variety of rhetorical modes to explain, describe, inform, and analyze.
  3. MATHEMATICAL COMPUTATION - Perform arithmetic computations as these are related to certification area.
  4. SKILLS - Demonstrate skills required for current entry-level employment in their chosen fields.

Students receiving Academic Certificates from BPCC must show competency in general education. The following measurements have been established to indicate competency:

READING (Competency # 1)

  1. A minimum ACT score of 16 in reading;
  2. Placement test results showing Reading 099 is NOT needed; or
  3. Completion of Reading 099 with a grade of "C" or higher.


  1. A minimum ACT score of 18 in English;
  2. Placement test results showing placement in English 101; or
  3. Completion of English 099 with a grade of "C" or higher.


  1. A minimum ACT score of 15 in mathematics;
  2. Placement test results showing placement in Math 099 or higher; or
  3. Completion of Math 098 with a grade of "C" or higher.

SKILLS (Competency # 4)

  • Skills for entry-level employment are determined by achievement of learning outcomes in Academic Certificate course requirements.

Technical Competency Areas

The TCA does not possess a general education competency requirement.

Degree Requirements

  1. Associate Degree and Academic Certificates: (General Requirements) - The BPCC academic catalog prescribes the requirements for each associate degree and certificate program as well as services offered by the College. The catalog is published annually and becomes effective with the beginning of the summer semester each year. Former and continuing students must adhere to all changes in policies, rules, regulations, and academic requirements each year that changes are made. The educational programs and academic courses described herein may be altered by BPCC to carry out its stated mission. Students pursuing BPCC Associate Degrees and Academic Certificates are permitted to pursue only one associate degree at a time.
  2. Requirements for a Second Associate Degree: In order to qualify for a second Associate Degree, regardless of whether the first was granted by BPCC or another college or university, the candidate must present to the appropriate dean a minimum of 20 additional semester hours earned at BPCC since the completion of the previous degree requirements. These 20 additional hours will not include any semester hours counted in fulfilling any previous degree requirements or those hours earned prior to the date of certification of the last degree. The candidate must also fulfill all academic major requirements and College requirements for the second degree. The 20 hours of an approved curriculum for a second Associate Degree must be taken in residence at BPCC within five years of the time of graduation. Note: Students are not allowed to pursue more than one BPCC Associate Degree simultaneously.
  3. Official Certification of Degree/Certificate Completion: The official documentation of degree/certificate completion of BPCC programs is indicated on the BPCC transcript. Diplomas/certificates are unofficial and do not indicate official graduation from Bossier Parish Community College. The determination for satisfying all degree and certificate requirements is made by the Registrar after considering recommendations, where appropriate, from the appropriate deans and the Executive Dean of Instruction, and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  4. Graduation requirements: A grade of "C" or higher must be earned in all courses applicable to graduation; Students must have an overall GPA of 2.000 on all hours attempted, including hours earned at all colleges and universities. Student successfully establish competency in all general education areas. For degree completion, at least 25 percent of semester credit hours must be earned at Bossier Parish Community College
  5. General Education Courses:
    Elective courses should be chosen from the list of general education courses.
English Composition   Social Sciences
ENGL 101 Composition and Rhetoric I At least 3 hours at sophomore level
ENGL 102 Composition and Rhetoric II ANTH 201 Physical Anthropology
Fine Arts – 3 hours ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology
ART 201 Art History I BADM 201 Economic Principles I
ART 202 Art History II BADM 202 Economic Principles II
ART 206 Introduction to Fine Arts GPHY 101 Physical Geography
MUSC 120 Music Appreciation GPHY 102 Cultural Geography
TLCM 240 American Cinema POSC 201 National Government in the United States
THTR 101 Humanities of Theatre POSC 202 State and Local Government
THTR 131 Elements of Theatre PSYC 201 Introduction to Psychology
Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning PSYC 202 Practical Psychology for Health Professionals
MATH 102 College Algebra PSYC 205 Child Psychology
MATH 111 Precalculus PSYC 206 Adolescent Psychology
MATH 112 Trigonometry PSYC 210 Educational Psychology
MATH 114 Finite Math PSYC 215 Psychology of Religion
MATH 124 Mathematical Concepts PSYC 220 Developmental Psychology
MATH 131 Elementary Applied Calculus PSYC 225 Loss and Death
MATH 210 Basic Statistics SLGY 201 Introduction to Sociology
MATH 250 Calculus I SLGY 202 Social Problems
MATH 251 Calculus II SLGY 203 Marriage and Family Living
MATH 252 Calculus III SLGY 207 Race, Class & Ethnicity
Literature   Other
ENGL 201 Major British Writers ENGL 201 Major British Writers
ENGL 202 Major American Writers ENGL 202 Major American Writers
ENGL 255 Introduction to Fiction ENGL 255 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 256 Introduction to Poetry and Drama ENGL 256 Introduction to Poetry and Drama
History Sequences FREN 101 Elementary French I
HIST 101 & 102 Western Civilization I & II FREN 102 Elementary French II
HIST 103 & 104 World Civilization I & II FREN 201 Intermediate French
HIST 201 & 202 American History I & II HIST 101 Western Civilization I
Foreign Language Sequences HIST 102 Western Civilization II
FREN 101 & 102 Elementary French I & II HIST 103 World Civilization I
SPAN 101 & 102 Elementary Spanish I & 11 HIST 104 World Civilization II
Humanities*** HIST 201 American History I
HMAN 201*** Humanities I*** HIST 202 American History II
HMAN 202*** Humanities II*** HIST 203 Louisiana History
HMAN 203*** Film and Culture*** RLGN 201 New Testament Survey I: Interbiblical Period, Four Gospels
***may only be used for AAS degrees RLGN 202 New Testament Survey II: Acts to Revelations
    SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I
    SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
    SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish
    SPCH 110** Principles of Speech
    SPCH 115** Interpersonal Communication
    **may not be sole humanities course
Natural Sciences      
Biological Sequences    
BLGY 101 & 102 General Biology I & II    
BLGY 105* & 106* Elements of Biology I & II    
BLGY 224 & 225 Human Anatomy and Human Physiology    
Physical Sequences    
CHEM 101 & 102 General Chemistry I & II    
CHEM 107 & 108 Introductory Chemistry & Introductory Organic and Biochemistry    
PHSC 105* & 106* Elemental Physics & Elemental Chemistry    
PHYS 201 & 202 General Physics I & II    
BLGY 101 General Biology I    
BLGY 105* Elements of Biology I    
BLGY 106* Elements of Biology II    
BLGY 120 Introductory Human Anatomy and Physiology    
BLGY 201 General Botany    
BLGY 224 Human Anatomy    
MICR 110 Survey of Microbiology    
MICR 206 Principles of Microbiology    
SCI 101* Foundation in Science    
ZLGY 201 General Zoology    
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I    
CHEM 107 Introductory Chemistry    
PHSC 105* Elemental Physics    
PHSC 106* Elemental Chemistry    
PHSC 110 * Astronomy    
PHSC 111* Physical Geology    
PHYS 201 General Physics I    
SCI 101* Foundation in Science    
*recommended for non-science majors