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Bossier Parish Community College
2009 - 2010 General Catalog




Yolonda Anderson Administrative Coordinator III, Admissions
Shane Adams Telephone/Computer Technician, Computer Services
Yolonda Anderson Administrative Coordinator III, Admissions

Angela Bales Program Coordinator, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Wesley Bange Sr. Systems Analyst Mainframe, Computer Services
Jo Ann Barger Administrative Coordinator III, Financial Aid
Jennifer Barnes Administrative Coordinator II, Admissions
Tierney Bashara Director, Human Resources
Petra Battlefield Administrative Assistant III, Title III Project/Academic Affairs
Amanda Belcher Workforce Facilitator, Workforce Development
Martha Belk Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletics
Sonny Bernard Program Manager, Learning Resources/Library
Wendy Billingsley Programmer, Computer Services
Laney Boyd Administrative Assistant III, Public Relations
Jim Boyter, Jr. Program Coordinator, Performing Arts
Donna Branch Administrative Assistant IV, Academic Affairs
Sarah Breaux Administrative Coordinator II, Admissions
Pam Brenner Administrative Coordinator III, Continuing Education
Michelle Brewer Comptroller, Finance
Suzanne Brooks Administrative Coordinator I, Computer Services
Joey Brown Bursar, Finance
Lynn Brown Director, ACT Center
Toni Brown Administrative Assistant III, Academic Advising
Bill Bruce Telecommunications Engineer Technician III, Telecommunications
Keith Bruce Theatre Sound and Lighting Technician, Performing Arts
Virginia Bryan Dean, Learning Resources
Amy Bucker Recruiter, Recruiting
Wanda Buckley-Coody Administrative Coordinator III, Science/Allied Health
Holly Burcham Administrative Coordinator II, Bookstore
Carolyn Burroughs Dean, Natural Science and Allied Health
Kathy Busch Administrative Coordinator IV, Counseling Center
Kathy Byers Administrative Assistant III, Continuing Education

Jeanetta Caldwell Custodian II, Physical Plant
Charles Cameron Assistant Director, Educational Technology
Qi "Angela" Cao Administrative Coordinator III, Student Services
Sherry Carley Custodian II, Physical Plant
Penny Carroll-Jeter Assessment Specialist, Institutional Research and Assessment
Jon Carter Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Rachael Carter Administrative Assistant III, Liberal Arts
Randy Case Senior Systems Analyst, Computer Services
Denise Chambers Director, Telecommunications
Larris Clark Custodial Supervisor II, Physical Plant
Richard Cockerham Assistant Registrar, Admissions
Crystal Corbin Student Success Coordinator, Title III Project
Stephanie Cox Library  Specialist II, Library
Stacey Crawford Chief Financial Officer, Finance
James Crews Mobile Equipment Operator Light, Physical Plant
Alisha Crowder Project Coordinator II, Workforce Development
Eric Crowder Telecommunications Coordinator, Telecommunications

Cindy Darby Director, Multicultural Affairs
Jessie Darby Administrative Coordinator I, Administration
Lynda Dickson Administrative Coordinator III, Physical Plant
Gayle Doucet Director, Purchasing
William J. Downey Mathematics Coordinator, Math and Technical Education
Courtney Doyle Athletics Coordinator, Athletics
Joe Driskell, Jr. Computer/Telephone Support Technician, Computer Services
Anita Drozd Accounting Tech., Finance
Geneva Dykes Custodian II, Physical Plant

Loren Elwell Business Office Manager, Finance
Clyde English Custodian II, Physical Plant
Leo English Custodial Supervisor I, Physical Plant
Juanita Epps Compliance Officer, Administration

Michele Faith Career Services Counselor, Career Services
Lisa Fincher Administrative Assistant III, Business and Computer Science
Linda Fomby Administrative Coordinator II, Liberal Arts
Ashley Fontenot Administrative Assistant III, Computer Services
Laura Fowler Administrative Assistant IV, Academic Planning
Gloria Freeman Programmer, Computer Services
Holly French-Hart Dean, Liberal Arts
Peggy Fuller Director, Academic Advising

Cynthia Gamble-McCreary Administrative Assistant III, Math and Technical Education
Kathleen Gay Dean, Educational Technology
Nicki Gilbert Administrative Assistant III, Human Resources
Laura Goadrich Dean, Cyber Information Technology
Leslie "Les" Gongre Administrative Coordinator 4, Purchasing
Sandra "Tootie" Guy Administrative Assistant III, Grants

Debra Harmon ACT Testing Coordinator, ACT Center
Marjoree Harper Director, Student Life
Pam Harris TRC Manager, Library
Kimberly Harvell Dean, Business and Computer Science
Kori Hearon Systems Analyst, Computer Services
Mary Ann Heim Administrative Assistant III, Alumni and Development
Jamie Heller Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources
Jim Henderson Chancellor, Administration
Angela Herren Director, Recruiting
Ellen Hinton Director, Grants
Stanley Hippler Senior SIS Analyst, Student Services 
Gary Hollatz Chief Information Officer, Computer Services
Jasmine Horton Project Coordinator, Workforce Development
Christina Hughes Administrative Assistant IV, Institutional Research and Assessment

Karen Jackson Counselor, Advising Center
Barbara W. James Custodian II, Physical Plant
Della Jeter Director, Project MOMs
Juanita Jeter Custodian II, Physical Plant
Chad Johnston Purchasing Agent, Purchasing
Roxie Johnson Library Specialist III, Library
Russell Johnson Editor, Telecommunications
Sherrie Johnson Director of Drop Back In, Workforce Development
Brenda Jones Accounting Technician, Finance
David Jones Director of Environmental Health Safety and Safety, Physical Plant
Laura Jones Program Coordinator, Learning Resources/Library
Shannon Jones Benefits Manager, Human Resources
Alice Joseph Administrative Coordinator III, Financial Aid

Tammy Kennedy Administrative Coordinator II, Finance

Nathalie Lamarand Director, Student Services
Jennifer Legaux Administrative Assistant III, Educational Technology
Tamekia Lewis Administrative Coordinator 2, Financial Aid
Penny Lindsey Administrative Coordinator I, Computer Services
Joseph "Bo" Little Custodian II, Physical Plant
Linda Lofton Administrative Assistant III, Innovative Learning
Lynn Lyle Budget & Reporting Officer, Finance
Mary Lyle-Mitchell Administrative Coordinator II, Admissions

Mike May Director, Campus Security
Bill McConathy Associate Director, Physical Plant
Connie McConathy Program Director, BPCC at NSU
Tiyonda McCoy Coordinator for Project R.E.A.D., Workforce Development
Susie McDowell Administrative Assistant III, Library
Tracy McGill Project Coordinator, Continuing Education
Juanita McGinty Programmer/Analyst, Computer Services
Glenda McKenzie  Administrative Coordinator III, Bookstore
David McQueen Mobile Equipment Operator I, Physical Plant
Quintina Miles Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Dee Dee Mitchell Dean, Behavioral Science
Christy Moore Administrative Coordinator III, Public Relations
Vicki Morehead Accounting and Reporting Supervisor, Finance
Denise Morgan Administrative Assistant IV, Student Services
Valarie Morris Custodian II, Physical Plant
Karen Musgrove Director, Public Relations
Mary J. Myers Administrative Coordinator II, Financial Aid

Kim Nugent Program Manager, Continuing Education

Daniel Opperman Custodian II, Physical Plant
Chad Owen Telephone/Computer Technician, Computer Services

Christy Paddy Assistant Manager, Bookstore
Jennifer Parish Administrative Assistant III, Cyber Information Technology
Sandra Partain Program Coordinator, Science and Allied Health
Marilyn Persley Laboratory Coordinator, Science and Allied Health
Martha Peters Administrative Assistant III, Purchasing
Mary Phill Custodian II, Physical Plant
Carliss Pierce Administrative Assistant IV, Finance and Administration
Adriana Poland Administrative Coordinator II, Financial Aid
Barbara Poole Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs
Kathleen Porter Program Coordinator, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Johathan Posey Production Coordinator, Telecommunications
Larry Powell Dean, Telecommunications
Madeline Priest Project Coordinator, Workforce Development

Karen Recchia Vice Chancellor of Student Services, Student Services
Johnnie Mae Redd Mobile Equipment Operator Light, Physical Plant
Daisy Remble Custodian II, Physical Plant
Lessie Remble Custodian II, Physical Plant
Tamika Logan Reynolds Corporate Accounts Manager, Accelerated Learning
Cynthia Robinson Disability Services Advisor, Counseling Center
Morris Robinson Counselor, Counseling Center
Stephanie Rogers Director, Alumni and Development
Leigh Rush Administrative Assistant III, BPCC/NSU
Renee Ryan Administrative Assistant III, Campus Security

John Salmon Culinary Arts Lab Coordinator, Business and Computer Science
Katherine Sanders Administrative Coordinator II, Admissions
Tonia Sharp Administrative Coordinator III, Science and Allied Health
Joyce Shaw Administrative Coordinator II, Copy Center
Kenneth Shaw Custodian II, Physical Plant
Lendah Siah Administrative Assistant III, Telecommunications
Jessica Siem Recruiter, Recruiting
Eddy Smith Website Manager, Computer Services
Brucella "Gene" Smith Accounting Specialist II, Finance Department
Monette Smith Executive Secretary , Administration
Robert Smith Custodian II, Physical Plant
Judy Spears Library Assistant, Library
Peggy Spilker Academic Planning Coordinator, Academic Planning
Joe. St. Andre Director, Physical Plant
Susan Stakes Program Coordinator, Accelerated Learning
Linda Stark Administrative Assistant III, Science/Allied Health
Joseph Staton Landscape and Grounds Manager, Physical Plant
JaVonna Steadman Manager, Bookstore
Patricia Stewart Registrar

Anita Taylor Custodian II, Physical Plant
Willie Taylor Custodial Supervisor I, Physical Plant
Lesa Taylor-Dupree Executive Dean of Instruction, Academic Planning
Vicki Temple Director, Financial Aid
Regina Terry Assistant Director, Student Life
Dianne Tillman Custodian II, Physical Plant
Madeline Toloso Administrative Coordinator III, Financial Aid
Sean Traigle Program Assistant, Accelerated Learning
Michelle Triplet Media Specialist , Student Life
Toya Tucker Title III Project Director, Academic Affairs
Becky Turbeville Workplace Literacy Instructor, Workforce Development
Elizabeth Tuminello Administrative Coordinator I, Administration
Sharon Turley Nursing Program Director, Science and Allied Health

Shelli Ulrich Director of Workplace Literacy, Workforce Development

Gary Van Wert Mobile Equipment Operator Light, Physical Plant
Kathleen Vercher Program Coordinator, Accelerated Learning
Wayne Villemarette Property Control and Receiving Manager, Purchasing
Mary Vines Administrative Coordinator III, Student Services
Ron Viskozki Collections Manager, Finance
Frank Viviano Dean, Mathematics and Technical Education

Shirley Walker Administrative Coordinator III, Admissions
Donna Wallace Assistant Director, Human Resources
Miranda Wallace Custodian II, Physical Plant
Karen Ward Administrative Assistant III, Behavioral & Social Sciences
Gary Ware Instructional Technology Specialist, (Blackboard Administrator) Educational Technology
Lisa Wargo Dean, Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Willie Washington Custodian II, Physical Plant
Cindy Watson Administrative Assistant III, Workforce Development
R. L. Wells Mobile Equipment Operator Light, Physical Plant
Lisa Wheeler Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
David White Theatre Scenic Technician, Performing Arts
Sherry Wilkerson Accounting Specialist Supervisor, Finance
Stan Wilkins Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs
Vera Wilkinson Administrative Coordinator II, Bookstore
Brenda Williams Media Assistant, Public Relations
Drucilla Williams Custodian II, Physical Plant
Louis Williams Media Specialist, Telecommunications
Patricia Williams Administrative Coordinator II, Continuing Education
Tiesha Williams Administrative Coordinator II, Admissions
Thomas Williams Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs and Economic Development
Cynthia Winham Administrative Assistant III, Finance
Donna Womack Dean, Innovative Learning

Patty Yorba Administrative Coordinator II, Admissions
Jonnie Young Institutional Research Assistant, Institutional Research and Assessment

Frank Zator Mobile Equipment Operator Light, Physical Plant

This list reflects full-time employees only.  The BPCC website was used to verify this list and was correct at the time of publication.