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2009 - 2010 General Catalog



EKG/Telemetry Technician Technical Competency Area

The EKG/Telemetry Program provides short term (one semester) training for entry level positions in health care by preparing students to perform non-invasive cardiology tests, EKGs, stress tests, Holter monitoring, and arrhythmia recognition.

Specific Requirements:

The EKG/Telemetry Technician Program includes didactic, laboratory, a clinical course. The students must show competency in reading through ACT, placement testing, or by enrolling in READ 099 during the first semester.

The clinical course ALHT 204 will be offered for a maximum of fifteen (15) students per semester. Students enrolled in ALHT 204 must submit a program application and must meet all other requirements for programs with a clinical component (as listed at the beginning of this section) by the established deadline. At the time of placement in a clinical site, students must have successfully completed (C or better) or be currently enrolled in (with a current grade of C or better) all courses in the curriculum. Students should enroll in ALHT 204 the same semester they are enrolled in ALTH 112. Students who have previously completed ALHT 112 and wish to enroll in ALHT 204 must demonstrate competency in cardiac rhythm recognition by scoring a minimum of 85% on the competency exam prior to beginning clinical training. Upon successful completion of required courses, the student will receive the Technical Competency Area in EKG/Telemetry.

Required courses for Technical Competency Area in EKG/Telemetry Technician:

ALTH 109: Health Care Systems/Safety 2
BLGY 110: Medical Terminology 3
ALHT 112: Basic EKG/Basic EKG Lab 4
ALHT 204: EKG/Telemetry Practicum 2
Total credit hours 11

All courses must be completed with at least a grade of "C" in each class to receive the Technical Competency Area in EKG/Telemetry from BPCC.

Students completing the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Bossier Parish Community College may take challenge exams for ALHT 109 and/or BLGY 110. If students successfully complete the challenge exams, they will not be required to enroll in ALHT 109 and/or BLGY 110 to earn the Technical Competency Area in EKG/Telemetry Technician.

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