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2009 - 2010 General Catalog



Biotechnology Technical Competency Area

Biotechnicians, graduates of the Biotechnology program, work with living things. They manipulate cells, DNA, or proteins of animals, plants, or humans to make medicinals, vaccines, and other useful products. Biotechnicians are employed by manufacturing companies, research facilities, hospitals and forensic labs, as well as the agricultural sector or environmental companies and industries. Jobs include laboratory assistant, clinical assistant, manufacturing technician, validation technician, and animal or horticultural technician.

Specific Requirements:

Students wishing to pursue the TCA in Biotechnology must first meet College admissions requirements. Additionally, they must show competency in English, mathematics, and reading, as demonstrated through ACT or placement test scores or completion of all required remedial level courses. Students must have completed the following prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in Biotechnology 201:

  • College level chemistry class with lab (CHEM 107 or 101)
  • Microbiology 110 or 206 with lab
  • Additional pre-requisites may apply to some courses (See course description section of the catalog)

Prior to entering BIOT 205, the student is required to submit a background check, immunizations/lab, TB test, drug/alcohol screen, physical exam, OSHA and HIPAA training, proof of health insurance, and completion of appropriate consent forms. These items must be maintained during the entire time the student is enrolled in BIOT 205.

Required courses for Technical Competency Area in Biotechnology:

BIOT 201: Laboratory Skills and Concepts 4
BIOT 202: Cell Culture Techniques 3
BIOT 204: Molecular Biotechnology 4
BIOT 205: Biotechnology Internship 5
Total credit hours for the Technical Competency in Biotechnology 16
Additional Related Elective Course Work
(Strongly recommended but not required)
BIOT 103: Survey of Biotechnology 4
BLGY 101: General Biology I 4

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