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2009 - 2010 General Catalog



Oil and Gas Production Technology Associate of Applied Science

Learning outcomes

Recipients of Associate of Applied Science in Oil and Gas Production Technology will have demonstrated:

  1. ability to understand the origin of oil and gas and the process of its accumulation;
  2. awareness of gas exploration, drilling, and production techniques;
  3. understanding of the meaning of oil and gas recovery and reserves;
  4. ability to identify the OSHA regulations which apply to the oil and gas industry.

Specific Degree Information:

The Associate of Applied Science in Oil and Gas Production Technology is a 63-semester hour curriculum to prepare students for careers in the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas boom has resulted in increased demand for workers in this and other related positions. The new programs are, in large part, a response to the tremendous increase in job opportunities created by the exploration and increasing significance of the Haynesville Shale natural reserve in northwest Louisiana.

Required courses for the Associate of Applied Science in Oil and Gas Production Technology:

Freshman Year
First Semester Hours
MATH 102: College Algebra 3
ENGL 101: Composition and Rhetoric I 3
CIS 105: Computer Concepts 3
CONS 140: Construction Safety and the OSHA Standards 3
OGPT 101: Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry 3
  Humanities Elective 3
Second Semester Hours
OGPT 103: Drilling 3
OGPT 107: Recovery and Production Methods 3
OGPT 223: Natural Gas Production 3
TEED 111: Basic Electrical Theory 3
PHSC 111: Physical Geology 3
Sophomore Year
First Semester Hours
OGPT 117: Natural Gas Processing I 3
OGPT 124: Oil and Gas Instrumentation 3
CONS 102: Material and Methods II 3
TEED 152: Hydraulics 3
SPCH 115: Interpersonal Communication 3
Second Semester Hours
OGPT 205: OSHA/Oilfield Regulations for Oil and Gas Industry 3
OGPT 231 : Well Completions 3
OGPT 280 : Internship - Oil and Gas Technology/Technician 3
BADM 105 : General Business Administration 3
POSC 202: State and Local Government 3
Total credit hours 63

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