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2009 - 2010 General Catalog



Industrial Control Systems Associate of Applied Science

Learning outcomes

Recipients of Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Control Systems will have demonstrated

  1. basic skills required for entry-level employment as a control system technician; such systems may be electromechanical, electropneumatic and/or electrohydraulic in nature;
  2. measurement and documentation of system performance and characteristic data, and accurate communication of such data to higher level engineering and technical staff members to support more complex system analysis and development of operations and control schemes;
  3. documentation of system configuration, physical layout and modifications, and system performance parameters;
  4. technical support of control system startup and commissioning tasks, including determination of system compliance with performance specifications;
  5. team leadership and workplace safety, utilizing communications skills learned in speech, technical math and English coursework.

Specific Degree Information:

Industrial technicians must obtain a broad understanding of basic electricity, DC and AC circuits, semiconductor electronics, digital electronics, microprocessors, electronic instruments, troubleshooting and repair, industrial measurement and control, industrial blueprint reading, DC and AC motor control, and pneumatics. This program is designed to provide strong foundations in these areas as well as in technical math, physics, and English.

Every effort is made to make these courses available in a two-year course of study, but some of these laboratory courses may not be offered because of conflicts. If a course is not offered within two years, then substitutions may be made with the approval of your advisor. Students are encouraged to visit with their advisors regularly.

Required courses for the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Control Systems:

Freshman Year
First Semester Hours
TEED 101: Basic Electricity 3
TEED 101L: Basic Electricity Laboratory 1
MATH 102: College Algebra 3
ENGL 101: Composition and Rhetoric I 3
CIS 105: Computer Concepts 3
Behavioral and Social Science Elective 3
Second Semester Hours
TEED 143: Introductory Computer Drafting 3
TEED 102: Semiconductors Electronics 3
TEED 102L: Semiconductors Electronics Laboratory 1
TEED 142: Industrial Blueprint Reading 3
SPCH 110: Principles of Speech 3
MATH 129: Applied Technical Math 3
or MATH 112:   Trigonometry
Summer Semester Hours
TEED 201: Digital Electronics 3
TEED 206: Electric Equipment and Repair 3
Sophomore Year
First Semester Hours
TEED 202: Introduction to Microprocessors 3
TEED 202L: Introduction to Microprocessor Laboratory 1
PHSC 105: Elemental Physics 3
or PHYS 201:   General Physics
TEED 150: Pneumatics 3
TEED 132: National Electrical Code I 3
Second Semester Hours
TEED 204: Industrial Instruments 3
TEED 252: Electric Motor Control 3
TEED 252L: Electric Motor Control Laboratory 1
TEED 208: Programmable Logic Controllers 3
TEED 208L: Programmable Logic Controllers Laboratory 1
Humanities Elective 3
Total credit hours 65