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2009 - 2010 General Catalog



Course Descriptions

Psychology (PSYC)

Introduction to Psychology. (3-3-0)
An examination of the nature of psychology, its history, techniques, learning theory, human adjustment, personality, state of consciousness, development, statistics, social, abnormal, and psychological topics.
Practical Psychology for Health Professionals. (3-3-0)
The study and application of psychological concepts as they relate to health care workers and quality patient care. Emphasis is placed on personal growth, self-concept, stress reduction, and communication skills in order to enhance the patient-clinician relationship.
Child Psychology. (3-3-0)
A study of the development of human behavior from conception through age twelve with emphasis on the physical cognitive and social-emotional development of the child.
Adolescent Psychology. (3-3-0)
A study of the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of adolescents during the transition from childhood to adulthood. Consideration of adolescent behavior and social problems.
Educational Psychology. (3-3-0)
Principles of learning, motivation, development, and evaluation as related to the classroom teacher.
Psychology of Religion. (3-3-0)
This course is to introduce psychology of religion and its focus on understanding religious experiences from psychological perspectives. The nature of the interdisciplinary relationship between psychology and religion will be explored. The course will examine the relationship between psychology, religion with health care issues, coping, drug use in religious ceremonies, and impacts of meditation.
Developmental Psychology. (3-3-0)
Consideration of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social process of development of the individual from conception though the entire life span.
Loss and Death. (3-3-0)
An intense, personal journey into the world of loss and death. Students will hear guest speakers and go on site visits. Topics on the subject of loss and death will vary from semester and will always include a visit to a funeral home and possibly to the coroner’s office. Students are required to attend each class and asked to share their own experiences. Topics may include, but not limited to, loss through incest, the loss of a child, aging, loss through a fireman’s eyes, and loss through criminal attack.

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