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2009 - 2010 General Catalog



Course Descriptions

Interpreting (INTR)

American Sign Language I (3-3-0)
An elementary course in American Sign Language (ASL) using a natural language approach to introduce culturally appropriate signed concepts related to the immediate environment. Common communicative events and interactions are utilized to acquire a basic working vocabulary and grammar, including development of appropriate linguistic/cultural behaviors and awareness of respect for deaf culture. Receptive and expressive skills are fostered through interactive ASL lessons without voice.
Psycho-Social Aspects of Deafness (3-3-0)
An interdisciplinary study of American Deaf Culture and the factors that contribute to defining the deaf community as a cultural minority, focusing on awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and preservation of language. The course covers the cultural identity, group norms, and rules of social interaction, values, and traditions held by members who are deaf. Societal attitudes regarding deafness and issues such as cultural oppression and language power by the majority, and works of art made by the Deaf community will be explored. The impact of modern technology, emerging issues, and trends will also be explored.

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