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Computer Web Design (CWD)

Internet Technology I. (3-3-0)
Corequisite: CIS 105.
This course provides the framework for learning how to access the Internet and World Wide Web and use them for a variety of tasks including communication, finding information and research, and publishing on the Web. It is designed for people who are interested in learning how to best use software tools, services, and resources currently available on the Web. This course will also introduce basic HTML coding. Emphasis will be placed on networked computers, Internet design, protocols, software, HTML, etc.
Website Design I. (3-3-0)
Corequisite: CWD 111
An introduction to web fundamentals and web page layout using a WYSIWYG editor (Macromedia Dreamweaver). Students will develop websites that will include inter- and intra-document links, color and graphics, document and image formatting, and sound and video. A hands-on approach will be used throughout this course so that the students can “learn-by-doing.” At the end of the course, the student will have a solid understanding of how the different components of a Dreamweaver fit together and will have used all of the key tools to integrate all of his/her learning into a series of creative exercises.
Designing Web Interfaces. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: CWD 130.
This course begins with a review of hypertext systems, which were covered in CWD 130. The student will then be introduced to the skills that will enable them to build interfaces that users want and that will maximize their productivity. The course will expose students to content planning, information management, authoring techniques, user interface design, web navigation, web multimedia, and multimedia databases.
Web Scripting I. (3-3-0) Fall
Corequisite: CWD 130.
This course has been designed to teach students how to use JavaScript. It will acquaint students with the proper procedure to create dynamic web pages suitable for professional purposes and personal use. Students will be taught how to integrate JavaScript and HTML, create pop-up windows, add scrolling messages, validate forms, create cookies, arrays, frames, and more.
Web Scripting II. (3-3-0) Spring
Prerequisite: CWD 150.
When students complete this course, they will have a firm knowledge and understanding of web programming and will be able to develop a wide variety of applications. In this course, students will work with XML, XSL, SQL, and MySQL, DBI, ADO. Net, ASP.Net, and PHP.
Introduction to Flash. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: CWD 130.
This course will encompass the fundamentals of drawing, animation, and the use of Action Scripting in Flash to create dynamic and interactive media. A hands-on approach will be used throughout this course so that the students can “learn-by-doing.” At the end of the course, the student will have a solid understanding of how the different components of a Flash movie fit together and will have used all of the key tools to integrate all of his/her learning into a series of creative exercises.
Database Interactions I. (3-3-0) Fall
Prerequisite: CWD 130, CIS 113 or CIS 117.
The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with a different approach for creating web pages that process HTML forms and interact with a database. Students will learn how to create web pages that interact with a database using the following technologies: client-side scripts; using VBScript; server-sided scripts; using Active Server Pages; compiled server programs; using the CGI protocol in Visual Basic programs; and using HTML Dynamic Link Libraries written in Visual Basic.
CGI/Perl Programming. (3-3-0) Fall
Prerequisite: CWD 130.
This course will introduce the student to script writing for the Internet via CGI using the programming language Perl as the scripting language. The basics of Perl will be presented, including language elements such as arrays and hash variables, looping structures, cookies, client pull/server push, control flow, functions, built-in operators, as well as the concepts of event driven programming and server side processing of HTML forms. Students will learn to create web-based forms and program the associated CGI scripts to construct dynamic, interactive websites.
Website Design II. (3-3-0) Spring
Prerequisite: CWD 130.
Students will learn to add functionality, animation, and interactivity to both HTML and dynamic web pages. Students will learn to incorporate elements such as sound, graphics, animation, forms, and tables. Students will also be introduced to cascading style sheets, and JavaScript. A hands-on approach will be used throughout this course so that the students can “learn-by-doing.”
Multimedia Authoring Using Macromedia Director. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: CWD 160.
This course will focus on developing interactive projects using Macromedia Director. Students will create interactive events, explore computer animation, and integrate these within video, text, and audio for use in presentation, education, and marketing. Emphasis will be on the multidisciplinary nature of multimedia. The student will be instructed in elements of graphic design, digital sound and music, integrating digital video, and Lingo scripting. They will also be instructed in the use of appropriate hardware, software, and peripherals.
Web Graphics I. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: CWD 130 or instructor’s permission.
Students will learn to create icons, animated images, text and 3-D effects, and various web-based graphic elements along with interlacing, transparent backgrounds, color palettes, animation, and image maps. Students will learn to retouch photographs, correctly size images, and load web pages.
Database Interactions II. (3-3-0) Spring
Prerequisite: CWD 170.
This course is a continuation of Database Interactions I and will apply the knowledge gained in the prerequisite course. Students will create comprehensive database-driven websites as practical implementations of the prerequisite material.
Information Assurance. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: CWD 270.
This course is an introduction to the field of Information Assurance (Security). Various kinds of threats that might be faced by an information system and the security techniques used to fight them are covered. Hacker methods, viruses, worms, bombs, and system vulnerabilities are described with respect to the actions that must be taken by a Network Manager to thwart them. Existing and planned protection methods and defenses are mapped to the information system threats and attacks. This course provides the background for those individuals who seek skills in the areas of Network and Data Security.
Internship/Final Project. (2-2-0)
Prerequisite: Instructor’s Permission.
Students will be placed with pre-qualified businesses selected for their ability to offer a broad-range of web development and design experiences formulated to augment coursework experiences gained by the students. The businesses will be selected for their ability to help students both apply knowledge gained throughout their studies and to complete their final web project.

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