Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who may take courses on BPCC OnDemand™?

Anyone with an email address can may enroll in a course on BPCC OnDemand™. Choose a course that interests you and complete the enrollment process. If you have a user account on another instance of Canvas, you will need to create a new account for BPCC OnDemand™ (register as a new user).

How do I enroll in a course?

Go to the BPCC OnDemand™ web siteWill open new browser window or tab and browse our course catalog. When you find a course you like, click the course tile to view more information. You can start the enrollment process by clicking the blue "enroll" button on the course details page.

Is there a certificate available for my course?

Most instructors offer a certificate of completion. Please read the course description to verify if a certificate is offered.

How do I begin my course?

To access your course, on and after the course start date, log in to the BPCC OnDemand™ web siteWill open new browser window or tab then use the dropdown menu that appears below your name to access the Student Dashboard.

When will I have access to see course materials?

You will have access as soon as you enroll. BPCC OnDemand courses are asynchronous allowing you to start anytime, anywhere to fit your schedule.

When will I need to log in to my class once the class starts?

Participants are welcome to sign in to the class, review the learning materials, and complete learning activities at their own convenience, there is no start date.

What if I can't accomplish something in my course? How do I ask for help?

On the home screen of your course the instructor will have their email listed under the Welcome from the Instructor section. If you are unable to reach your instructor for any reason, email

I can't seem to access a video in my course, what should I do?

Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. If the video is Flash media, it may not play on iOS devices. There is also the possibility that your browser may be blocking the media content. We recommend if using an iOS device that you use Google Chrome as your browser. You can download Google Chrome.Will open new browser window or tab If this still does not work, email

How do I drop a course?

Once a course is purchased there will not be an option for refunds. Please make sure you verify you are enrolling in the correct course prior to purchasing.

Why doesn't BPCC OnDemand™ recognize my other Canvas user account login?

BPCC OnDemand™ is a unique, or separate, instance of Canvas. Your credentials from another Canvas account aren't connected to the BPCC OnDemand™ instance. (It's like having two Toyota Corollas in the driveway that look the same but require a different key.) When registering, select the "register as new user" option to set up your BPCC OnDemand™ account. It's OK to use the same email as your other account.

Why can't I see my courses in the Dashboard?

In the student dashboard there are two tabs: one for “In Progress” courses and one for “Completed” courses. Please review the time limit to ensure you have not exceeded this time frame. In certain situations an extension may be granted. Please submit your request for an extension, outlining your reason(s), to

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