Choosing an article

Once you have a good results list to work with, you can select articles that are appropriate to your topic. In this instance, the first result of the "social aspects AND koran" search is an article explaining the Islamic worldview and understanding of basic principles of the religion. If your aim is to explore and understand another culture, this article could be invaluable to you. Selecting the title will bring up the record for the article where you will have plenty of options.


You can access the entire article and view it on your screen by selecting the PDF Full Text, or you can read the abstract to see if opening the PDF is even worth the effort. You can save the PDF to an external disk or simply save it to a research folder by creating an account. You can select the email option and email the full article to yourself along with a citation that you can plug into you bibliography or works cited page of your research paper. You can copy the permalink to another document and simply plug that link into your URL bar and always be able to access this page. Most importantly, during the early stages of research, you can discover additional language and terms to search. The subject terms and author supplied keywords, when used to construct new searches, will lead to more topical articles to give you a more comprehensive view. It a good idea to remove one or more of your initial search terms to retrieve more results on subsequent searches.