Accessing individual journal titles in online databases

In addition to grouping databases by vendor and subject, BPCC library also supplies a completely searchable list of all individual journal titles that can be found in the online databases. You can search these journal titles by title, publisher and subject/topic areas.

You can access this list by selecting A to Z Electronic Journal List back on the Databases and Index webpage or selecting "Journal List" from the Databases dropdown menu.


The A to Z list is useful in a number of ways. If you are looking for a particular title that you know is a good source of information for your particular topic but are unsure of which database you can find it in or whether BPCC even subscribes to it, you can search the list for that particular title. You can also search by subject/topic areas or simply browse the journal list/topic areas using the alphabetical menus.


From this primary search interface you can browse or search for particular titles and subjects. When searching for journals that will contain information of other cultures, you may want to try a subject search for "geography" or "anthropology" or, you may want to see if BPCC has electronic access to one of the more popular anthropological publications: National Geographic.



Keeping the search in the title area, I was able to easily find that BPCC subscribes to the electronic version of National Geographic and I can find back issues to 1995 in 5 separate databases. You'll note at the end of the descriptions concerning which years BPCC holds it says "Embargo: 3 months." This means that you will not be able to access the most current edition of National Geographic. So if you are hoping to access the July 2012 issue in July of 2012, the most current electronic issue you may access is April 2012. In such cases and in such the case of a popular title such as National Geographic, you can search the catalog (see Catalog Tutorial) to see if we have the most recent edition in the library (Hint: we do!).


Another feature of the search you performed is that not only will it return the title you are searching for but it will also give the particular topic or subject area that the title falls under. So if you are interested in accessing more titles that cover the same areas of interest as National Geographic, all you have to do is click on the blue text next to "Subject" at the bottom of the item, and the system will automatically search for similar titles:


As you can see, the system brought back 648 journal titles that share a similar topic. You can browse through the list and see exactly which titles they are, which databases they are located in and which volumes and issues you have access to through BPCC. Often times your instructors will mention high quality journals in your field of study. You can use A to Z to very easily find out whether you have access to those particular titles!

Once you have chosen your particular journal you can view the access to the contents simply by clicking on the database you prefer to search. In this case, I have selected the journal National Geographic in Academic Search Complete database.


Viewing this record, you will note that while the link you clicked to get to this page said that access was available from 1995 to the present with a 3 month embargo, the date range actually extends beyond that. If you look in the middle of the record, you will notice two date ranges: bibliographic records and full text. The 1995 to present range actually refers to the full text offerings, those articles that you can access, download and read in their entirety directly on your computer screen. This is good for you because it means instant access to the contents. However, the bulk of the contents of National Geographic are not available in full text immediately. 1888 to 1994 are searchable, meaning that you can get an idea of the title and topics of those particular articles, but they are not readable, meaning that you have no direct access to the text of the article through this database. Bibliographic is simply information about the text in question. If you want to access the contents of these years, you will have to search for them through other methods. If you would refer back to the record for National Geographic in our catalog, you will notice that we have back issues to 1906 available physically through the BPCC Library. If you need an article prior to 1906, the library staff can find and obtain a copy for you through our InterLibrary Loan Service. Simply fill out the web form with all the information you have about a title in the fields, and we will find it for you in another library. You can also do this with books.

You can either browse the journal by years and issues by expanding the collapsible menu denoted by a plus sign (+) next to the date, or you can search the contents of the journal by using keywords or searching the topic areas through subject terms by clicking the "Search within this publication" link at the top-right of the record.